Your Google Drive file management tool can also digitize your documents! Know where to find this Android phone scanner.

When it comes to quickly scanning documents through your smartphone, the popular CamScanner app was once the saver for all Android users. Open the app, keep the document within reach of the camera, and get a scanned copy to PDF in seconds. However, the sudden ban of several Chinese apps in India in June 2020 for national security reasons also took down CamScanner. However, as soon as this scanner app disappeared in India, several other options appeared. With so many apps available, it becomes difficult to choose the best app for you. But you don’t need to find it anywhere else because your Android phone already has a hidden app to scan documents.

It is none other than Google Drive. Yes, your Google Drive can also work as a document scanner! It is available for Android and iPhone users, but you can only access this feature on Android devices. Wondering how to use it? Find out here in a few easy steps how to scan documents to your phone using Google Drive.

How to Scan Documents to Your Phone Using Google Drive

Step 1:

To scan documents through Android’s hidden feature, you first need to access the Google Drive app on your phone.

2nd step:

Once you have opened Google Drive, tap on the + icon available at the bottom right of the home screen and click on the Scan button.

Step 3:

Now tap on the checkmark available on your document when you take a photo of it.

Step 4:

After that, preview the document and adjust the appropriate area of ​​the document using the crop tool while dragging the corners of the scanned document.

Step 5:

Once the editing is done, you can click on the Save button. Hit the save button again after selecting a file name, google account and location in the required box.

Step 6:

This will be automatically converted into a PDF file and will be saved in Google Drive storage. You can download it like other files.