Android smartphone and tablet users are ready to get a nifty new way to make sure they never lose track of all their important passwords.

As spotted by 9to5Google (opens in a new tab)Android users will now be able to add a shortcut for the Google Password Manager tool directly to their device’s home screen.

As its name suggests, this password manager service is able to keep track of all your login details in one safe and secure place – and is now available right from your device’s home screen.

Android password manager

The Google Password Manager tool has been available to Android users for a few years now, in addition to being part of a user’s Chrome browser and Google web account.

The new feature allows users to access their saved data using their existing biometrics or screen lock security protection on their device, instead of entering a password as is the case with the web version.

The password manager is able to record and store all your information, including usernames and passwords, allowing you to track any security issues or risks, as well as allowing users to change information if necessary.

The shortcut is available after downloading the latest Google Play Services update (version 22.18 or newer), which should be available by default for Android users.

Once done, you can access the password manager by opening Settings > Privacy > Google Autofill > Passwords.

This page now includes an option to Add a shortcut to your home screenwhich will open a menu with the shortcut, which can be moved anywhere on your home screen.

The news comes shortly after Google added the ability to store notes next to your passwords, with a new “Notes” field below the username and password fields when adding a new password or when you are about to change an existing password.