Monitoring your battery’s charge levels is key to preventing your battery from dying out. Android makers such as Samsung say users should keep their device batteries charged to 50% capacity or more at all times. Some newer Samsung phones have a feature that limits charging to 85% of full capacity.

Some newer Android devices like Google Pixel come in with software features that allow users to preserve battery life without the need for user intervention. A Google Pixel will automatically limit charging to 80% of its capacity in cases where the user is playing games while charging or if a user has left their device to charge continuously for several days.

Taking care of your phone’s battery is essential if you want your Android phone to have a long life. Habits like not leaving your phone charged overnight and unplugging it as soon as it’s charged are good for preserving your device’s battery. Most modern branded chargers have the ability to detect when your smartphone battery is fully charged – using off-brand or visibly damaged cords and chargers could cause a fire or something even more cataclysmic.