With every major Android update, it seems that the top bar Android phone symbols get mixed up, sometimes changing the look or disappearing altogether. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what these icons mean. You’re not alone! We’re here to help you crack those top bar Android phone symbols. As Android smartphone manufacturers change the user interface of their smartphones, even the most frequently used icons can vary from brand to brand. Also, chances are you are reading this article because you cannot understand a certain icon on your smartphone.

What is the top bar on Android?

Status Bar :

The top bar on Android is the horizontal row of icons at the top of the screen. The top right corner shows device status, while the top left corner shows app notifications. By swiping down from the top of your screen, you can access a variety of familiar features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and even location and battery saving. The quick settings window can also be customized.

Press one of them to activate or deactivate the function. When the tool is activated, an icon symbolizing it appears next to the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Try turning Wi-Fi on and off on your device, and you’ll notice that the symbol in your top bar will appear and disappear accordingly. The status bar will allow you to quickly know the status of your device.

Notification bar:

Notification bar icons

The upper left corner of your screen is reserved for notification alerts, so the symbols that appear here often correspond to an application. This gesture reveals a lot of information, an example of which includes recent screenshots, WhatsApp message, Facebook notifications, and email alerts. You can then click on the notification to open the corresponding app or simply swipe right or left to dismiss the notification.

Modern versions of Android allow users to respond directly to the notification without having to open the app that sent the notification. For example, you can reply to a WhatsApp message from the notification bar without having to open the WhatsApp application.

Here is the list of the best bars on different smartphone brands and user interfaces.

Top bar Android phone symbols on Samsung (one UI)

Samsung’s user guide contains a list of symbols commonly displayed on the notification bar.

Common icons on Samsung smartphones using OneUI are:

android top bar

Top bar Android phone symbols on Xiaomi/ Redmi/ Poco:

Android status bar

Here are the most used Xiaomi smartphone status icons. These icons will appear on almost all MIUI-powered smartphones made by the company. Besides, it is also relevant to mention here that it also includes sub-brands such as Poco and Redmi.

Top bar Android phone symbols on OxygenOS:

top bar for Android Oxygen OS

These are the icons that will appear on OnePlus smartphones running the company’s custom Android skin, OxygenOS.

Huawei/Honor (EMUI) Andoird Status Bar:

Honor may have parted ways with Huawei, but some of you may still be using EMUI-powered Honor devices in 2022. The following table lists the most commonly used EMUI status icons.

android status bar for huawei

These icons are the typical icons found on Huawei and Honor smartphones running Huawei’s EMUI.


android top bar

If you’re an Android enthusiast who enjoys the standard Android experience, you probably own a Google Pixel smartphone or one of the many other devices that offer the standard Android experience. Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and even Asus are among the companies that offer users the standard Android experience.

Android 11 top bar and Android 12 top bar:

Google’s Android 11 includes some of the most popular notification icons. Below is a list of some of the icons you’ll see on standard Android. Although these are Android 11 icons, the majority of them have remained unchanged since Android 10 and will not change on Android 12.

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