One thing you’d bet your house on would be one of the best Black Friday deals is a great phone deal. We haven’t even reached Black Friday weekend proper yet, but great deals are still flying everywhere.

The one that caught my eye sees the Nothing Phone (1) dropping to an even cheaper price. When we tested the Phone (1), our tester called it a “good value device” that stood out thanks to an impressive camera array.

The design of the Nothing Phone is sure to turn heads. This can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are, but it definitely gives the device a personality.

The back panel is transparent, showing off some of the devices internals in a very industrial fashion. It’s the kind of phone you’d expect to see in the hands of the bad guy in a modern action movie – you know, the guy who builds an all-concrete bunker and has a room with nothing but a chair.

The whole design is very minimal, so it’s a pleasant surprise when you find out that the Nothing Phone packs some solid specs. The Snapdragon 778+ is all about the power features – a very capable mid-range chip that will handle all but the most extreme use. Two cameras on the back of the device take care of all your shots. They’re both 50MP sensors – a Sony IMX766 as the main and a Samsung JN1 for ultra-wide tasks.

And of course you have the Glyph. For the uninitiated, Glyph is a set of lights on the back that can flash in different patterns to tell you who’s calling, while also acting as a flash for close-up photography and videography. It’s definitely a pot feature, but the utility is there. Plus, the faux-neon aesthetic plays beautifully into the industrial minimalist design.

At this price, the Nothing Phone (1) is a very good deal. If you’re looking for a cheap phone, this should be at the top of your list.