Android and iOS phones couldn’t be more different. According to buildfire, Apple is strict about app submissions, rules and deadlines, and push notifications. Meanwhile, Android apps and app listings can be updated without human review, and they provide a more customizable end-user experience due to the many phone manufacturers using them.

Based on these differences, there are some things an Android phone doesn’t have while an iOS device does and vice versa, which could be a plus or a minus for some users who are considering switching. one platform to another.

As such, here are some features of Android phones that should be on iOS devices as well.

More customization options

One of Google’s biggest selling points is its customization options, which let you choose your default app for email and web browsing. CNET mentioned that you can even choose to use another app to send and receive text messages other than the preinstalled one, like Google Messages, which offers almost the same functionality as Apple’s iMessage.

A better AI assistant

Siri may have been the first AI assistant, but the original can only be great for so long until it’s eclipsed by its predecessors, which happened with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant can understand common business and name requests through its connection to Google Search, which contains hundreds of thousands of keywords that Google Assistant can draw from.

This database is something Siri doesn’t have, and as such it can’t recognize commands or requests that aren’t programmed into its keyword database.

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Additionally, Google Assistant is being used more to automate or control smart home systems, which is a welcome benefit if you have less energy than you need to do things yourself.

Access to internal and external storage via USB

Another advantage of Android phones that iOS devices do not have is the ability to access both internal and external storage when the device is connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Unlike an iPhone which only gives you access to photos and videos saved in its internal memory, MakeUseOf says that Android phones not only give you access to these two, but also all files saved in the internal and external memory of the iPhone. telephone. This feature allows you to add, remove and modify files at will.

Install Custom ROMs

Since Apple is strict with the apps it offers in its App Store, iOS devices will not be able to install custom ROMs, which an Android phone can have.

Custom ROMs are modified versions of the Android operating system that provide better functionality and various customization options, such as extended battery life and the ability to unlock higher fps values ​​in games.

Multi window

Finally, there’s multi-windowing, also known as picture-in-picture (PiP) or split-screen.

Yes, there are apps that allow PiP on iOS devices, such as Apple’s pre-installed Safari web browser app and Twitch. However, this feature is only exclusive to these apps. As such, you can’t watch your favorite Netflix series while scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, according to YugaTech.

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