Stopping personal ads does not block ads. Google still shows you ads on its services like Google Search and YouTube, and the ads you typically find on third-party websites or apps will continue to show – they just won’t be tailored to your preferences. To get started, you need to remove the Advertising ID linked to your Google Account. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account if you haven’t already.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Go to Google > Ads.
  3. You will see two options: Reset Advertising ID and Remove Advertising ID. Resetting keeps ads personalization enabled, but creates a new ad profile for you. Tap “Remove Advertising ID” to opt out of personalized ads.

You can also opt out of ad personalization on all platforms where you’re signed in with your Google Account. The same goes for ads from more than 2 million Google partner websites and apps (via Google).

  1. Go to Settings > Google > Manage your Google account.
  2. Tap the Data & Privacy tab and find ‘Ads Settings’ under ‘What you’ve done and where you’ve been’.
  3. Toggle the ads personalization switch to off.

This disables personalized ads displayed on Google’s services, but to control other personalized ads from the company, tap Advanced and uncheck “Also use your activity…”, then opt out of personalized ads on apps and apps. websites affiliated with Google’s advertising program. See our guide on how to increase privacy on your Android for more methods you can use.