Mobile phones are an absolute necessity for many; however, purchasing one on its own can be expensive. At the time of writing, the price of smartphones with premium features surpassed $1,000, but the global average price for smartphones sold in 2021 was $363.12

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  • Smartphone financing is a way to pay for purchases made with smartphones with time instead of paying cash in advance.
  • Financing options for smartphones include special offers in retail stores that sell phones, financing through cell phone providers, and the point of sale installment loans.
  • Smartphone financing is an option for those who don’t have money to buy the most expensive phone.
  • A smartphone’s financing can be expensive if you need to pay a massive annual amount (APR) or charges.

What is Smartphone Financing?

In general, financing for smartphones allows you to pay over time. You select the smartphone you’d like to buy and submit a funding request. You might need to pay a modest initial deposit if you’re approved for financing and then make the rest of the payment in installments. With certain kinds of funding for smartphones, there is no down payment necessary. In other cases, you could get a loan that is revolving.

Financing terms may differ depending on the location you’re buying the device and the amount you’re spending for it. For instance, you might be required to repay the loan for 24 or 48 months. Smartphone financing is advertised as zero-interest when the loan is paid in full within a certain amount of time.

However, this does not mean that the cost of financing a smartphone is free. If you’re taking advantage of an offer of 0% financing that you’re eligible for, it could be a deferred interest promotion disguised as. If you don’t make the payment in its entirety before the expiration duration of promotional time, then interest charges could be applied retroactively on the purchase amount.5

A credit check might be required for smartphone financing and additional requirements that you will need to meet to qualify for a payment installment plan.

The types of Financing for Smartphones

The financing for smartphones can come in various kinds, based on the service provider. It is essential to be aware of this when comparison of financing terms. This article will provide an overview of the various ways you can pay for purchasing a phone.

Retail smartphone financing

The most popular method of financing the purchase of a smartphone is via an online store.

A smartphone you purchase from an online retailer could require a hard credit test when you’re applying for the credit card at a store and could cause an immediate reduction within the value of your credit rating. Although some retailer cards provide promotional financing, it’s important to remember that the standard fluctuating annual price (APR) on purchases can be much more than the rate you’d pay using a conventional credit card.

The company that makes smartphones for cell phones can provide financing.

Another option for financing the purchase of a smartphone is through your cell phone service provider. It lets eligible customers buy the devices in installments, with no interest and without fees for financing. You’ll need an agreement for two years to benefit from this benefit. Additionally, an upgrade cost also applies.

If you don’t have plans to switch cellphone providers soon and want to purchase an upgrade to a phone in this manner could be a good idea. However, the drawback is that you’re bound to the new contract. If you choose to change providers for your mobile, you could incur a charge if it violates the terms of your agreement.

Financing for cell phone manufacturers

Depending on the kind of smartphone you’re interested in, you might be able to get financing from the manufacturer. For example, each Samsung and Apple provides promotional funding to those who wish to buy new phones and then pay for them over time. For Samsung, it is necessary to apply for a financing account for Apple. It must possess an Apple Card.

The benefit of these forms of loans is that they can use them to buy more than smartphones. Samsung Financing can buy appliances or TVs and your Apple Card to buy AirPods and an Apple Watch, iPads, or the Mac. If you’re loyal to one of these brands, you could prefer this kind of finance, but you must be aware of the interest rate and charges.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) financing.

BNPL is a rising trend in financing for short-term needs. Sometimes referred to as point-of-sale installment loans, BNPL platforms permit you to make purchases using the use of a smaller down payment and after which you can pay it off in four to six installments.

BNPL financing can make you money since these programs do not have any charges or interest whatsoever. However, not every phone firm can use BNPL-related platforms, which could restrict where you can use them. Another issue with BNPL funding is the possibility that it could result in the cycle of debt if you’re using multiple installment payment plans.

The Bottom Line

A smartphone loan could be an option if you don’t have the money to buy a new smartphone out of your pockets. When you’re comparing options for financing smartphones, It is essential to read the contract terms carefully to know precisely how much you’ll be spending and when interest will be accrued.

Consider the possibility of taking advantage of the reward credit card that offers an APR promotional at 0% of purchases to help finance an upgrade to your phone instead. In this way, you’re not bound by an agreed-upon installment plan as well as earning rewards for your phone purchase during the process. Certain rewards cards include insurance coverage for phones as an additional benefit.