In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Working Mothers’ Day and Women’s History Month in general, Dingtone is educating women and girls on how to ensure their privacy online and promote the female entrepreneurship.

SAN JOSE, Calif. /ACCESSWIRE/March 8, 2022/ Through its #WomenWithWeapons campaign, Dingtone aims to raise awareness about privacy and equip women with tools and skills for professional and leadership roles.

The goal of the initiative is to create safe cyberspaces against gender-based violence by protecting personal information. And also to equip working mothers and female entrepreneurs with dedicated work phone numbers, helping them improve their professional performance while finding a healthy work-life balance.

Stay safe and anonymous when giving out your number

“In an increasingly digital age, women need to arm themselves with virtual weapons – second phone numbers. It’s the single most effective tool women can use to stay safe and anonymous, no matter dating or shopping online,” said Dora Yale, Senior Director of Marketing at Dingtone. “We chose to focus this campaign on helping all women feel protected and choose the lifestyle they seek while navigating through life without worrying about their privacy or online safety. .”

Dingtone phone numbers could serve as both defensive and offensive measures. Defensively, women could protect their online identity and privacy when giving out their numbers on online platforms, such as Craigslist and other second-hand deal marketplaces in local areas, and off-line scenarios. line when they don’t want to expose their personal phone numbers. .

Equip yourself with a dedicated line for professional and leadership roles

On the offensive side, the Dingtone phone number app could provide a revolutionary tool for female entrepreneurs and working mothers looking to break glass ceilings.

For one, one second phone number dedicated to women’s businesses or secondary activities reduces costs because they do not have to incur additional telephone expenses. Plus, a dedicated phone number keeps them alert when business calls are coming in, making their growing business even more professional. Dingtone numbers also draw a line between work and family with separate phone numbers, especially for working mothers.

“I’ve been using Dingtone to communicate with my customers on Etsy for over six years. I’m amazed at how Dingtone’s phone services are an asset in helping me connect with business contacts and reduce my expenses,” said Sylvie Keller, freelance designer and online store owner. handmade bracelets.

Dingtone strives to provide reliable and affordable service for all budgets. All users need is the app downloaded on a mobile device to use the service and easily communicate with others. Besides the attraction of free calls, Dingtone numbers also serve as an easily accessible channel for exchanging text messages with friends, family and for business purposes.

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