IF YOU have an Android, deleting your cookies and cached data can help protect your browser history.

Whenever you surf the internet with your phone, your data is stored on your web browser application.


If you have an Android, deleting your cookies and cached data can help protect your browser history.Credit: Getty – Contributor

This data accumulation can make your information vulnerable to third-party trackers and slow down your phone.

Why is my phone doing this?

The stored data serves several purposes, such as allowing you to stay logged in to websites.

Cached data can also help your web browser load faster because it saves the resources and site preferences of the websites you visit.

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However, this data – particularly cookies – can also be used by websites to track your browsing history.

Why do they want my browsing history?

Typically, websites do this to send you as much personalized advertising content as possible.

Websites achieve this by accessing two types of cookies stored on your phone: first-party cookies; and third-party cookies.

First-party cookies are created by the site you are visiting (as indicated in the address bar).

And third-party cookies are created by sites other than the one you are visiting, such as advertisements and images on the owning web page.

To eliminate the risk of being tracked by third parties, you can clear cookies from time to time on your phone.

How to Clear Your Cache on Google Chrome

You can delete your cookies and cache on a Google Chrome browser by tapping the “More button” in the upper right corner of the browser (shown as three vertical dots).

Then tap “History” and “Clear browsing data”.

You can also access it from Chrome’s “Settings” menu by first clicking “Privacy and security” and then “Clear browsing data”.

How to Clear Your Cache on Samsung Internet

Unlike Google Chrome, Samsung’s process of clearing your cache and cookies requires you to head into your phone’s settings.

The steps are as follows: “Settings” > “Applications” > “Samsung Internet” > “Storage”.

Once you click on “Storage”, you will be presented with two options, one to clear cache and one to clear data.

Tapping on “Clear cache” will immediately delete the cache.

Clicking “Clear Data” will essentially reset your internet browser to factory settings, permanently deleting files, settings, accounts, databases, and cookies.

How to clear your cache on Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, you can clear cookies and cache right from there. Mozilla Firefox Android app.

Just tap “More button” > “Settings” > “Delete browsing data”.

Firefox also gives you the option to automatically clear your browsing data each time you exit the application.

This can be found in the app settings.