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AirTags have been used by people for illegal activities, such as auto theft, pickpocketing, and harassment. If you have an iPhone, you’ll get an alert that an AirTag is following you.

If you’re using an Android phone, the AirTag will start beeping three days after it starts tracking you. Luckily, you can immediately search for AirTag and won’t have to wait three days.

AirTags use Bluetooth

AirTags use Bluetooth so devices on Apple’s Find My Network can detect them. If you’re using a Bluetooth scanner app, the type of app that shows nearby Bluetooth devices, you’ll see AirTags near you appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.

The AirTag will not appear as an AirTag in the list. Instead, it will appear as an unnamed Bluetooth device, and it says it’s an Apple device, so it might be easy to spot the AirTag if you don’t have any Apple-owned Bluetooth gadgets. , according to How to Geek.

Additionally, once you spot the device displaying an AirTag, you can move your Android phone around and pay attention to the signal strength to determine its location.

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AirTags have been used to help people find lost or stolen items. In August 2021, a man recovered his stolen scooter thanks to the AirTags he had placed on it.

However, the device had been used in illegal activities. Last year, a woman was harassed by a stranger using an AirTag.

How to Find AirTags on Android

Apple’s Tracker Detect app lets you find nearby AirTags, but it doesn’t immediately notify you if an AirTag is tracking you, according to LifeWire.

You need to manually search for the Bluetooth tracker, wait 10 minutes to make sure the AirTags stay nearby, then you can play a sound to help you locate the item.

You can start by downloading Tracker Detect from the Google Play Store and opening the app on your Android phone. From the screen, press the Scan button.

Your Android phone will start searching for AirTag. After a few minutes, if there are AirTags nearby, they will appear in the results list. Just tap on one of the unknown AirTags.

You will have to wait 10 minutes to make sure the AirTags are close to you and don’t have the general area. After 10 minutes, you can choose the Play Sound button.

If the Tracker Detect app works well, it will connect to the AirTags and activate the Bluetooth tracker’s built-in speaker. You can use sound to help find the hidden AirTag, according to The Verge.

How to manually search for Bluetooth trackers on Android

To search for nearby AirTags, you will need a Bluetooth scanner app. You can use LightBlue, a free Bluetooth scanner app that you can download from Google Play Store. Install the app on your Android phone, launch it and perform a scan.

Here you’ll see all nearby Bluetooth devices, from Bluetooth mice and keyboards to headphones to AirTag. If you’re in a public place, you can see devices near other people on this list.

If you want to spot AirTags in the list more easily, it might help to move away from other people’s devices.

You’ll have an easier time spotting an AirTag in your bag if you’re in the middle of an empty field than if you’re sitting in the middle of a public place.

The AirTag will show up as an “unnamed” device. If you tap on it, you’ll see that the manufacturer-specific data field says the particular entry is an Apple device, hinting that the device could be an AirTag.

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