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Every product in the Anacotte portfolio has been designed with the goal of meeting consumer needs with luxury aesthetics and the use of sustainable materials at every possible step. announces the immediate release of a full range of smartphone cases and accessories. These include innovative options targeted at specific consumer needs, such as smartphone temperature control, the use of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, and more. Each product in the Anacotte portfolio has been designed with the aim of meeting these needs with a luxury aesthetic and the use of sustainable materials at every possible stage. Anacotte has developed these products alongside an in-house manufacturing system to streamline the research, development and production of its product line.

Each Anacotte smartphone case draws on the team’s years of design and manufacturing experience to deliver superior protection in a premium package. For example, many of Anacotte’s products feature a factory-applied nano-ceramic coating using technology inspired by high-end automotive paint finishes. This creates a barrier against scratches and fingerprints when applied to any case material, as well as oxidation damage when applied to metal cases. Nanoceramic coatings also create an antimicrobial environment and provide additional impact protection for dropped phones.

Anacotte’s Coldzero products meet consumer needs for temperature regulation. Smartphones heat up during times of heavy CPU usage, such as gaming or streaming movies. Prolonged overheating can degrade the overall life of electronic components, especially the battery. Most operating systems deal with overheating by reducing the power of a phone, but this solution is not ideal for power users. External cooling technology designed by Anacotte effectively cools the phone, reducing component wear while maintaining high system performance.

Anacotte offers several cooling strategies in the form of passive cooling phone cases and active cooling accessories that can be combined to improve cooling performance. The Passive Cooling line includes cases featuring dual-layer cooling technology originally developed at MIT: a layer of water-based hydrogel that conducts heat away from the phone, followed by a layer of airgel that quickly dissipates this heat. Precision-cut ventilation allows for optimal airflow around and throughout the case. Active cooling products include Coldzero Type S fan for targeted cooling of the phone’s processor area, as well as the Coldzero TwinTurbo cooler for all-around phone cooling.

In addition to performance, consumers are increasingly looking for products made with ecological materials. To this end, Anacotte has developed a range of biodegradable phone cases, made with PBAT, PLA and PBS biodegradable plastics combined with vegetable fibers. These enclosures have successfully passed REACH testing for sale and distribution throughout Europe and are currently being assessed for California Proposition 65 compliance.

Other product offerings include the line of Bullet Proof cases constructed with aramid fiber. These enclosures provide superior physical protection without the use of excess plastic or metallic material that can impact operating temperature and wireless reception. Additionally, Anacotte is currently developing transparent phone cases made with gradient index optical technology. This creates a material that refracts light at different speeds as it travels through the case, generating an eye-catching prismatic display that will make any device stand out from the crowd.

About Anacotte

Anacotte is a growing company looking to disrupt the mobile phone accessories market with innovative solutions to common problems. In a market saturated with lookalike phone accessories, Anacotte stands out by developing and manufacturing products in-house, thus exercising full creative and technical control over its product line. Discover the full range of mobile phone accessories and more at anacotte.comfollow the latest news on Instagram @anacotte.officialand follow us on Facebook at Anacotte.official.

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