It’s a universally accepted truth that phones can come and phones can go missing (read: abandoned hundred times), but the search for that perfect phone cover is endless. If you too are constantly on the hunt for that phone case that captures the Bengali inherent in you, your quest ends here! From doodles to quirky one-liners to centuries-old Bengali household choruses, these online stores have it all.

PopItOut Kolkata Doodle 4D Case

If you find yourself simply unable to pick your favorites when it comes to Kolkata, you might want to take a look at this vibrant cover from PopItOut. Part of its cities series, this cover sums up Kolkata with scribbles of the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Rosogolla, yellow cabs and whatever comes to mind when one thinks of the City of Joy.

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Bong Swag ‘Amar 12ta Beje Geche’ Blanket

All Bengalis, regardless of their age, have at some point in their life been confronted with this famous line – “Tor barota beje geche!”. Freely translated, it means “You have been spoiled beyond repair.” In fact, this phrase is heard so often in a Bengali household that now it has almost been elevated to a family heirloom – diligently passed down from generation to generation. The genius of this statement is its inherent ability to make someone speechless (for what feedback can you possibly have after that?). But the next time you feel a conversation heading in that direction, you can take it completely off guard by making it part of your style statement with this blunt phone case from BongSwag.

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TeeGully Kumor Parar Gorur Gari Blanket

Capturing a bustling Indian market, this poem has been a favorite of generations of learners who have all delighted in its vivid imagery and simple rhyme. Visit any elementary school in Calcutta and you’re sure to stumble upon at least one classroom with kids repeating this poem, likely practicing for their next speaking competition. Now you can go back to the early days of learning Bengali with this Kumor Parar Gorur Gari TeeGully mobile coverage.

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The Bong Collections Kotoi Rongo Phone Case

If the world and its many mysteries constantly baffle you, capture that mood in your phone case with this Kotoi rongo phone case from The Bong Collections. A memorable song from Satyajit Ray’s Hirak Rajar Deshe, the song is a satire of the many injustices that prevail in society and while you might not want the phone coverage, trust us when we tell you that you absolutely want to watch the movie it was inspired by.

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Dream Covers Jibone Nei Ghum Blanket

We’ve all had these meetings that could easily have been emails. With the advent of the pandemic and its best friend, working from home, these meetings may have become more frequent. The worst part is that these days they can be scheduled anytime (because who needs time off when working from home?). Successfully capturing that essence of working from home in the midst of the pandemic, is this mobile coverage from Dream Covers, with a line that seems to have become the mantra of our lives these days.

Daily Objects Kolkata City Tag Glass Case

Traveling is a refreshing experience, but if nothing makes you more elated than a ticket to Kolkata, then this city-tagged glass display case is sure to win your heart. With its very realistic layout and glossy finish thanks to the tempered glass back, this blanket is ideal for the Bengali who has a penchant for exploring the world but keeps coming back to the City of Joy.

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