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The Opera internet browser has offered a built-in VPN on Android since 2019, and now the company is expanding its service with its first device-wide protection for your Android device. This version isn’t free, and it’s still in beta at the moment, but it promises to protect your entire Android phone or tablet without needing to download any new apps. The service is called Opera VPN Pro, and it’s available starting today.

Opera says it offers “high-speed servers”, but there’s no clear information on what speeds you’ll be able to achieve. There are over 3,000 different private network servers in over 30 locations around the world. There’s also a data saver mode to make sure you don’t go over your usual data cap while using the VPN.


So far, it looks a lot like a standard VPN, but it’s specifically for Android phones and tablets. Like the company’s free VPN, it’s a no-logs service, which means it won’t track your online activity. You’ll also be able to use the same account and browser as the free Opera VPN service, so it should be easy to set up if you’re already using Opera.

Opera VPN Pro’s Early Bird pricing starts at $1.99 per month if you opt for a three-month subscription, while it drops to $2.99 ​​if you want to pay monthly. There is also a free 7-day trial period to try it out before subscribing. VPN Pro is for Android devices only, so it’s unlikely to be a service you can use on every one of your gadgets. That said, it will work on up to six different Android devices if you’re signed into the same account, so you’ll be able to use it on different phones and tablets.

Opera VPN Pro is cheaper than Mozilla and Google’s alternative VPN services, with the former costing $4.99 per month and the latter $7.99 per month (although this is part of the broader Google One membership) . To use Opera VPN Pro, you will need to download the Opera app for Android Beta 68.2. Your devices will need to be running Android 6.0 or above software. Not sold on Opera’s service? Check out our list of the best VPN apps for Android.

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