When Apple announced its iPhone line with MagSafe in late 2020, it was immediately clear that accessory makers would be clamoring to take advantage of the technology. Unfortunately, the rise in available products has been slower than consumers would have likely hoped, but they are now arriving, just in time for the iPhone 13. Moment has started its journey as a company focused on mobile photography. , but has since spread to other ancillary products. product categories. Here he takes great advantage of MagSafe to make tripod, car ventilation mount, wall mount and other products with built-in magnets.

The Moment Tripod Mount with MagSafe secures an iPhone 12 with magnets and allows for an easy transition between portrait and landscape orientations.

There should be a MagSafe compatible accessory here to satisfy even the toughest reviews. Moment has a solid line of useful iPhone gadgets.

MagSafe Moment iPhone Case

Moment makes iPhone cases with built-in MagSafe compatible magnets to make full use of the various mounts and accessories. It should be noted that you don’t need to use the company’s case to use its magnetic accessories as well.

The Slim case for iPhone 12 from Moment is made from polycarbonate and Bio-TPU, according to the company’s website. He also mentions that “it is not fully compostable, but reduces the amount of petroleum-based plastic used compared to a standard phone case.”

Moment MagSafe Brackets
Moment’s slim case for the iPhone 12 series minimizes bulky materials while providing long-lasting protection.

Whether it’s that combination of materials or something else, it feels more plastic than rubbery. This is especially true around the volume and alarm buttons. The edges are stiff but bevelled to prevent them from being extra sharp. This slim case is not as soft as Apple’s silicone one. In contrast, Moment’s case is a bit more resistant to everyday wear and tear, including scratches and fading from handling. Its only downside is that it is more expensive than Apple’s silicone case. The Thin Case is a nice case that can be a bit difficult to justify at its current price of $ 59.

One of the reasons could be its addition of a lens mount, which is included. Placing the lens cover on the iPhone’s camera system makes it easy for photographers to attach Moment lenses. You will need to purchase a lens to take advantage of this feature. It is also possible to add a wrist strap through the bottom loop of the case if it is purchased separately.

Moment MagSafe Tripod Mount

Whether you’re using a MagSafe compatible case or just using a bare iPhone 12, this could be the first accessory: a circular magnet with a straight line to connect to any quarter-20-inch tripod. The moment Tripod mount with MagSafe is simple in appearance – part of the reason for its desirable appeal. The absence of clamps or handles allows the phone to rotate freely from portrait to landscape, or anywhere in between. You will need to already have your own tripod or be prepared to spend over $ 10 for one. To be clear, this is just the part that connects an iPhone 12 to the tripod.

While a tripod mount might initially seem less applicable to the masses, think of it as an iPhone mount that could also be used for video calls, playing games, and more, beyond photography.

I have spent time using it as a stand for watching videos as well as photography on iPhone. Paired with iPhone’s Night Mode, a tripod can help capture wonderful nighttime images. More light can be captured because the phone is stationary and not moving in your hand.

Night time shot
Using a tripod will help photos taken at night to be brighter, sharper, and less blurry. This photo was taken using the iPhone’s Night Mode with the shutter open for approximately 30 seconds.

The magnetism is strong with the mount. I put it on tables and ledges outside. I wore it from the bottom of the frame, and it held. Keeping the iPhone attached has never been a problem for me, and I don’t expect that to be a problem for most people either.

It’s elegant and simple, but that’s why it’s so wonderful. It works. The Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe costs $ 60 and comes with a cold shoe, while the standard version without that extra part costs $ 50.

Other MagSafe Phone Holders and Holders

Beyond the case and tripod, Moment has launched a host of other MagSafe items. These included a car mount, wall mount, cold shoe rack, and threaded rack mount. These are the products that will be most selectively needed. For example, I like the idea of ​​a 3M Backed MagSafe mount for the wall, but picking just one spot for it was crippling. I wanted it accessible and usable but not predominant and unsightly. Eventually I went with a spot in the kitchen.

The car ventilation bracket could be a big hit for people with the right car. None of my vehicles support attaching the rear vent, so I didn’t spend as much time using it. I found a car to try it out, and it slips through a vent as expected. The thick rubber slit on the back of the mount should prevent the vent from closing or shifting, but again, the success of this particular accessory will depend heavily on your situation.

The holder with several threaded holes for photo components of different sizes is neat but also probably the narrowest accessory. It certainly works as expected. I have inserted a few articles, but it just means that there is not much to say about it.

Moment MagSafe Brackets
The holder with several threaded holes allows different accessories to be added to the back of an iPhone 12.

Likewise, if you want to add a cold shoe for a microphone or a battery-powered light, without the tripod extension, this is also available. This could be a perfect MagSafe prop for TikTok and YouTube creators. The choice and wide range of uses here are only limited by your imagination.

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