HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — When Victor Fontenot’s TV signal died out on Super Bowl Sunday, it was just an inconvenience, not a crisis. But then his phone and the internet also died.

“He had no communication with the outside world and his doctors were calling me, trying to get in touch with him,” Fontenot’s sister, Veronica Jammer, told ABC13’s Ted Oberg.

Jammer said his brother loved his independence, but suffered from a chronic illness. He rides the METRO bus to frequent doctor visits and often sees Jammer. So he needs his phone and the internet to keep in touch with her and her doctors.

“I’m a nurse, so his health issues, when he’s not well, I’m not well,” Jammer said.

Jammer tried to help as best she could by calling AT&T, hoping to figure out why the service had gone down and when it would be back on.

She said that at first they told her it would take 24-48 hours due to supply chain issues. But then 48 hours turned into a week, then longer, and her big sister got worried.

“I’m just thinking Ted, bring it to Ted Oberg,” Jammer said. “It was so easy because I just Google ‘ABC Ted Oberg’ and you click that link, you put a little statement with your problem.”

Our Turn to Ted team called AT&T on March 13 and the next day phone services were restored.

“He’s a happy man and that’s all that matters,” Jammer said. “Be persistent, be patient, but take it to Ted Oberg and his crew.”

An AT&T spokesperson told us the service was “disrupted by damage caused by a traffic accident.”

“Initially we were unable to make the necessary repairs due to severe rainstorms in the area. We apologized to the Fontenot for the inconvenience and extended a credit to their account,” said the spokesperson.

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