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Check How to Use Android Phone as WiFi Extender

Internet connectivity has become an essential requirement in our daily life. Most consumers rely on WiFi connectivity on all devices. The devices in your room may not have sufficient internet capacity to connect. In such cases, you may need a repeater to increase the limit. But did you know that you can also use your existing smartphone or an additional Android smartphone as a repeater? Here are the top 5 ways to use your Android smartphone as a WiFi repeater.

Using a smartphone as a WiFi extender has many advantages. Yes, there are many WiFi extender solutions on the market that work perfectly, for example from TP-Link or Google Nest. But they are very expensive. Moreover, one of the main advantages of using a smartphone as a repeater is that it can be used on the go compared to its traditional counterpart, which must be plugged into a household outlet. Here’s how to do it, depending on your smartphone model.

How to Use an Android Phone as a WiFi Extender

Using WiFi Bridge (WiFi) tethering as a WiFi extender

There is a Wi-Fi bridge setup option on many Android mobile phones. I have a Huawei mate-10 phone and it has this function. Place your Android phone in a place where it can quickly receive WiFi signals, and your laptop can also receive signals from your Android phone.

Your Android phone will serve as the connection point between your computer and WiFi. In the list of accessible networks, another WiFi connection will appear. The signal strength for this connection will be stronger. Connect by clicking on it. Give the password and have fun.

Using NetShare: Login Without Root

This is a third party Android app and works as a Wi-Fi repeater or Wi-Fi signal booster.

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Open the app and tick “Start WiFi hotspot”. It will receive signals from your bypassed Wi-Fi connection and bring you back to your laptop or PC.
  • To use this application, you will need to configure proxy settings. Go to Control Panel, then select Network and Internet. Hover over Internet Options > Connections. Click on the LAN Settings option.
  • Check “use a proxy server for your local network…” and enter the IP address and port number provided by the application.
  • The network name and password will be the same as those generated by the Android application. You cannot change your SSID or password. Please note the password. Click WiFi and select the SSID and click “connect”.
  • Provide the password and you will be connected to a network stronger than your WiFi.

Use Net Share: Extend a Wi-Fi network to all devices

It is also a third-party Android app that aims to boost WiFi signals by acting as a repeater.

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Setting up this app is easy. Just click on the Share button after configuring the proxy settings as shown in the previous method. You also cannot change the SSID or password here.
  • Click on Wi-Fi > available networks and connect to the new Wi-Fi, which is actually an upgraded version of your own Wi-Fi
  • This app has also received negative reviews. One of the customers complained that too many ads were displayed on the app. He says;

NetBridge: no root connection

This Android software is also useful for using an Android phone as a WiFi repeater. Ninja Net Studio is the company behind it. To get NetBridge No Root Tethering for Android, go to Google Play Store and search for NetBridge. It is available for download and installation. When you click “Go” after installation, you will see the following interface.

For Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows, this software has different options. To view your settings, tap the corresponding tab. Let’s take a look at your Android and Windows settings. You can also view other options using the provided tabs.


  • Connect your device to the NetBridge access point.
  • Open the Settings app by tapping on it. You will be in the General Settings category when the Settings app loads.
  • Tap the Network & Internet Settings category
  • Check the Wi-Fi settings from the drop-down menu.
  • In the hotspot’s network interface, tap or connect and choose change settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap Advanced options from the drop-down menu and set proxy settings to manual. Complete the following fields in Proxy HTTP:
  • Proxy hostname:
  • When you are done configuring your proxy server, hit the save button and enjoy accessing the internet.

the Windows

  • Connect your device to the NetBridge Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Go to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Internet Options from the drop-down menu.
  • At the top of Internet options, open the Connections tab.
  • Click LAN Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to “Use a proxy server for your local network” and enter the network address and port of the proxy.
  • Server:

Final Words: How to Use an Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Booster

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