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Check how to type faster on Android phone

For many of us, our approach to typing on a smartphone is something we stumble upon. Unlike composing words on a typewriter or computer keyboard, there is no proper and widely taught method. However, if speed is the goal, a study of around 37,000 people suggests that one particular approach is better than the others: typing with two thumbs and embracing autocorrect, but avoiding predictive text. The study focused on the stubbornly persistent Qwerty keyboard, which was originally designed to minimize mechanical keystroke jams on typewriters. Despite doubts about its usefulness and the emergence of alternative systems, much of the world still relies on the configuration.

How to type faster on an Android phone

Download an alternative keyboard

The keyboard that comes with your Android phone isn’t always the best choice, especially if you want to type faster. Some default keyboards (such as Samsung’s) may make you more vulnerable to errors that the autocorrect feature may not always detect. Luckily, there are plenty of other great Android keyboards to try. Here are some great alternatives that can help you learn to type faster:

  • Advice: Gboard is one of the best known Android keyboards as it is made by Google. It not only enables swipe typing, voice typing, gesture commands, and multi-language typing seamlessly, but also supports emoji predictions.
  • SwiftKey: SwiftKey has been around for a long time and offers very accurate text prediction and swipe input. It also offers emoji suggestions and helps you with multilingual autocorrect in over 300 languages.
  • Fleksy: Fleksy prides itself on delivering powerful text predictions and more natural gesture typing. No wonder a former Fleksy user broke the Guinness World Record for fastest mobile typing.

Personally, I prefer SwiftKey. I find its autocorrect catches more of my mistakes, and the AI-powered text prediction helps it pick out the words and phrases you’re about to type. If you’re looking for more keyboard options, check out some free and open source Android keyboards.

Enjoy swipe typing

What if you could type without lifting a finger? When you take advantage of sliding input, you can. It’s easy to form words and sentences just by swiping your finger across the keyboard. Gboard comes with this feature by default. To change or adjust it, go to Settings > System > Languages ​​& input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Sliding input and adjust the options as needed. Most alternative keyboards support this feature, so you’ll find similar options in their settings.

A line will follow your finger as you type, letting you see the path you’re taking. Just lift your finger when you want to create a space between words. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself typing even faster.

Use Google voice dictation

If you want to avoid mobile typing altogether, you can quickly enter text by speaking into your phone. Android comes with Google Voice Typing pre-installed. This accurate text-to-speech feature is useful as long as you can speak clearly into the microphone.

To access it on Gboard, tap the microphone icon on your keyboard. Other keyboards may have a similar key. Alternatively, you can manually switch your keyboard to Google Voice Typing by tapping the keyboard icon that appears in the bottom right while typing.

Add text shortcuts

You can’t learn to type faster on your phone without using shortcuts. These allow you to create shortcuts for certain words that easily expand to the full string. When you type an abbreviation, like “OMW”, the keyboard recognizes it, and you’ll see “On Track” expanded in Gboard’s text suggestion bar.

To create your own dictionary of shortcuts in Gboard, tap the arrow in the top left of Gboard to reveal additional options, then tap the gear icon to open your settings. Then go to Dictionary > Personal dictionary and select your language. From there, tap the More icon in the upper right corner.

Type the word you want to shorten at the top, then enter your preferred abbreviation in the Shortcut box. You will now see this shortcut in your dictionary, allowing you to quickly type long words and phrases. Repeat this as many times as you want for additional sentences. In SwiftKey, you’ll find this option under Rich Input > Clipboard > Add New Clip.

Mastering Text Predictions

Most keyboards come with a text prediction feature. Keyboards like SwiftKey and Gboard use AI to learn your typing habits and the words you use most often. When you type a phrase, the keyboard predicts what you will type next. These options usually appear in the bar above the keys. Tap one of them to insert that word or phrase directly into the message. You can also take the opportunity to insert the rest of a long word after typing the first few letters.

Change your keyboard layout

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to phone keypads. Trying to use a large Android phone with one hand is tough, especially when it comes to typing. You can change your layout settings in SwiftKey to reflect this. To do this, start by tapping the double-arrow icon in the top left of the keyboard to bring up the shortcut bar, if you don’t already see it. Then tap the three-dot button on the right side to show all the options.

From the list, select Resize to adjust the keyboard size to your liking. You can also choose one-handed mode to reduce the size of the keyboard and move it to the left or right of the screen. Thumb is another great option that puts a gap in the middle of your keyboard, making it easier to type with your thumb.

Gboard has the same one-handed option, so you’ll want to take advantage of that if you’re sticking with Google’s keyboard. To access it, open the Gboard settings as described above. Next, go to Preferences, tap One-handed mode and select either right-handed or left-handed mode. You can also use the keyboard height to choose from several different sizes.

Practice with typing games on Android

Whatever Android keyboard tips you use, your own typing speed can be a bottleneck. Here are some great Android games you can play to practice typing and have fun at the same time:

  • ZType: ZType is a fun action game that helps you improve your typing skills. Each letter you type fires a plasma bullet towards enemy ships, so you have to type really fast!
  • Typing Master: Typing Master features words engraved on bricks that fall from the top in Tetris style. Your objective is to write these words quickly and accurately before the brick hits the ground.

Final Words: How to Type Faster on an Android Phone

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