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Check how to turn any Android phone into a computer

You left your laptop at work and need to fill out an urgent report and email it to your boss. It’s the first night of your vacation. What should you do? Well, if your documents are stored in the cloud, you can use your smartphone to complete the report. But forget about typing on the small screen to which you can connect a keyboard and mouse. Plug it into your hotel room TV, finish the report, email it, and enjoy the rest of your vacation. With the right device, it’s easy. Here’s how to turn your phone into a laptop. It makes sense to always have a laptop in your bag to be prepared for any eventuality.

Unfortunately, the pockets aren’t big enough for even the most compact ultrabooks. Smartphones, on the other hand, can easily fit in a pocket. This means you can use a smartphone as a replacement for a desktop computer in an emergency. The limitations of small screens are no longer an issue with wireless HDMI solutions like Chromecast. However, the real magic of this contextual dynamic is in displaying a desktop user interface (UI). Once viewed on a compatible TV, you will no longer see the current phone user interface. Instead, a conventional and familiar desktop is displayed.

How to turn any Android phone into a computer

Samsung devices have DeX mode

Samsung users are perhaps the most beneficial when turning a phone into a computer. With Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8 or later, the device has a DeX mode option. This mode can be activated from the notification bar, more precisely, there is a desktop environment for Android.

Just connect your phone to a nearby wireless HDMI compatible monitor and it should work. With DeX, you can access all apps that run on Android in windowed mode.

Ubuntu Touch turns your phone into a Linux computer

Ubuntu Touch is a Linux operating system designed for smartphones. The heart of Ubuntu Touch is the Convergence system. Like Samsung DeX, it is a desktop environment that is activated when the phone is connected to an external display. When the phone is connected to a TV with a wireless HDMI connection, the entire Ubuntu computers user interface will be visible.

The operating system has many tools installed, including LibreOffice. Having a smartphone always ready to use as a computer is perfect for anyone who has to do a lot of work.

Turn any Android phone into a computer running Maru OS

In 2016, Android overtook Windows to become the most widely used operating system in the world. Naturally, since it also has the potential to become an operating system for computers.

Maru OS is an Android product that currently only works on a few devices. You can check out the Nexus 5 (2013) or the Nexus 5X (2015) for more information on Maru. A beta version is available on Nexus 6P and Google Pixel products. It is a complete operating system that can be installed alongside Android.

Work with Android computers through Sentio

Sentio was previously known as Andromium OS, an effective solution for creating an Android desktop environment. When connected to a display, the Sentio takes advantage of the Superbook’s additional hardware. It’s like a combination of a laptop with a base and a smartphone as a central administrator.

Try using Leena Desktop UI

Leena Desktop UI is a popular desktop launcher for Android. Like the Dock in macOS, Leena has a file manager, web browser, video player, PDF, and many other features. It also supports docking connection, screen connection and allows you to use android apps through computer windows.

The easiest way to get an Android computer: Add a Chromecast

If all of the above methods are inconvenient or expensive, or both, you should consider the simpler option. Do you need to use your Android phone as an emergency computer? First, fully prepare these things:

  • Bluetooth mouse and keyboard or USB-C port.
  • A Chromecast or other display option connects to the TV.
    • Then just prepare documents, plug in the keyboard and share via Chromecast.

Final words: how to turn any Android phone into a computer

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