The easiest step is to keep an eye out for apps you don’t remember installing. Unknown apps could be spyware trying to disguise itself as something mundane and easily forgettable. Pull up your device’s Power menu screen, then press and hold the Power off key until the safe mode option appears and select it. Once your device has restarted in safe mode, open Settings and select Apps, then look for any item in the list that seems out of place. If you find an app that you don’t remember installing or are suspicious of, select it and choose Uninstall to get rid of it. Google also lists a number of other possible signs of malware, including the usual battery drain and storage capacity shrinking for no apparent reason.

If safe mode isn’t working or you want to be sure you’ve removed the malware from your device, you can take a more scorched earth approach by restoring your device to factory settings, which will completely erase all data and apps. which were not present when it left the factory. To do this, open Settings and select Backup & reset > Factory data reset, then select Reset phone and confirm by entering your device PIN or password (via Samsung).

Keep in mind that the exact language presented in Settings may vary slightly depending on your phone manufacturer. This method will require you to either restore a backup from before you suspect a spyware infection, or manually reinstall and reconnect all your apps and services, but in severe cases the latter option is the only way to fix it. to be sure.