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Check how to root Android phone with PC software

Not only that, but I will also show you how to use PC software to root Android phone. There is no risk in trying this rooting program as your devices will not be grouped together. But first, let’s talk about what rooting is and why it is important to root your smartphone.

Rooting is a procedure that gives you full control over your Android smartphone. You will get root access after you root your smartphone. In other words, rooting allows you to modify your smartphone to suit your specific needs. You can unlock many features on your Android phone using a trusted root PC app.

After learning more about the rooting procedure. The second thing that comes to mind is why we need root access to our phone in the first place. Rooting can be beneficial in a variety of situations.

How to root Android phone with PC software

First of all, think about a situation where you encounter storage space restriction on your mobile device, but you cannot get rid of unwanted preinstalled apps. Rooting your Android device gives you the power to remove preinstalled apps. In short, rooting your device will give you full powers to unlock more features on your device. There are many benefits of rooting your phone like

  • First of all, it increases your phone speed and battery life.
  • You can easily remove preinstalled apps such as system apps.
  • You can also remove apps like Facebook, Chrome that keep consuming your RAM and battery while running in the background.
  • Most importantly, you can change your phone by increasing Wifi speed, video transmission speed, SD read / write speed, and SIM detection speed.
  • You can also install custom kernel and custom ROMs to improve the performance of your phone.
  • Finally, you can have full control of your device.

How to root Android phone with PC software?

You can root your device in two ways i.e. with or without PC depending on your convenience and what the device supports. Here we have collected 1 Used Android Root Software for PC & Mobile, which you can try.

Kingo Root: the best software to root Android devices

Kingo Root is one of the most popular and widely used root programs. With PC root software, you can easily root your Android mobile. It can root any Android phone with one click, with a success rate of around 90%. That is why it is compatible with most mobile devices. Besides, it is the only one-click rooting software that many developers are constantly working on to make improvements and increase the device limit with every update.

Besides, it also comes with a tool called “Kingo SuperUser” to manage rooted Android devices. It is a good alternative for SuperSU to manage root permission after rooting your Android devices. Besides, it has “Pure Cleaner” function which can clean junk files and improve phone speed.


  • Root your mobile device quickly.
  • It is compatible with Android devices of the most famous brands such as Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.
  • The best thing is that it has a user-friendly interface to perform the rooting process.
  • This is a free version, so you won’t pay anything to get one.

The inconvenients:

  • It is not compatible with Android devices with the latest versions of Android i.e. Android version 4.4 and above.
  • Some features are missing due to the availability of a free version.

How to root Android phone with PC using Kingo PC software?

  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Android smartphone.
  • Download the Kingo Root Windows app and install it normally on your Windows PC.
  • After connecting your Android device, if your device driver is not installed on your computer, Kingo Root will install it automatically.
  • Now click on the “Root” button to start the rooting process.
  • Kingo Root will automatically root your phone.
  • After the process is completed, your Android device is rooted.

Final words: How to root Android phone with PC software

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