There are times when you want to remotely access a smartphone to maybe help your family members better manage their devices or solve a problem. While some of you may know the trick, many people are still unaware that there are apps and software out there that allow you to do it. Additionally, people may have felt this urge, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Here is everything you need to know on how to remotely control one Android device or laptop using another.

Download Remote Control Apps from Play Store

One can download the TeamViewer app, which is good enough to manage an Android device remotely. Besides, users can download Any Desk app for better experience in remote desktop space on Android. This application can be used when you want to access your computer from a smartphone remotely. Here we will see how to use the TeamViewer app to control another Android phone.

TeamViewer application: How to use it?

Users must first download the “TeamViewer QuickSupport” app on their main Android smartphone and ask the other person to download the “TeamViewer Remote Control” app from the Google Play Store. Desktop users will find the app on the Microsoft store. Once downloaded, if you want to access the secondary device, just send your ID that you get on the screen to someone else.

Additionally, the app must be open on both devices for them to work. Otherwise, you will receive a message stating “Connection failed”. The secondary device will receive a request saying: “Do you want to allow XXXXX to remotely support your Android device”. The app will also require permission to “show it on other apps”. Once the connection is established, the app even displays a message that says the screen mirroring option is enabled. You will then get full control of the secondary device. You can do everything as if you were using the device in real life. You can also follow the same process for computers.

The app works well when controlled from a phone rather than a computer. The experience is a bit slow and you will get some input on the computer a bit late. It’s best to control another smartphone using your main handset anyway to get things done faster and without any lag. In addition, the app is completely free for personal use. People can also transfer files using the same application. Although there are many ways to share files from an Android, this is just an added benefit of using this app.

Is it safe to use this app? What about privacy?

Well if you are concerned about your privacy let me tell you that no one will be able to access your device for the second time after giving access for the first time. Anytime you want to control another device, you have to send a request and if the other person rejects it, you won’t be able to access it. In simpler terms, each session requires a password or username before starting.

In addition to that, after establishing a connection, one will always notice a small control panel just at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, no one using this service will be able to monitor you.

The company even mentions its privacy policy that “there is no function that allows you to run TeamViewer completely in the background”. The service also supports end-to-end encryption, so your data is safe. If you are still not sure about your privacy, you can simply uninstall the app after your work is done.