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Check how to move contacts from one Android phone to another

Getting a new phone is an exciting experience, but it can quickly become stressful when you need to transfer data from your old phone to the new one. This article will explain 5 simple techniques to move contacts from Android to Android to ease the strain and ensure a smooth transfer. If you need to move contacts from iPhone to iPhone, please refer to our other article. The three contact transfer methods examined are as follows.

How to move contacts from one android phone to another

Use Google Account Sync

I think saving contacts to Google account is the easiest way to transfer contacts, because there is no need to perform manual steps to move contacts. You just need to add the same Google account on both Android phones and the contacts will be synced automatically. Here’s how: I guess you haven’t saved any contacts in your Google account yet, so let’s import them first.

  • In the Google Contacts app, tap on the main menu in the upper left corner and select Settings from there.
  • Next, scroll down and tap Import.
  • Now select the location where your contacts are currently saved, such as SIM card or phone, then tap Next.
  • On the next screen, select your Google account and tap next to select the contacts you want to transfer. After selection, the contacts will be transferred.

To add the contacts to the other phone, add the same Google account and the contacts will sync automatically. Otherwise, you can sync them manually by going to Settings > Accounts > Your Google Account > Account Sync. Touch Contacts here to sync with the new phone. That’s it, the other phone will have all the contacts and even the newly added contacts will be synced. However, if you don’t want to sign in with your Google account on the other phone, you can import the contacts to your phone or SIM card by following the instructions above, then sign out.

Export contacts as VCF file

Although I don’t use this method, I really like it because it opens up many ways to transfer the contacts. Simply create a VCF file and then move it to the new phone using your preferred file sharing method. You can email it, share it on social media, transfer it via SD card or USB cable, and any other sharing method you prefer. Even keep saved contacts with you as an offline backup if you wish. Let’s see how. In the Contacts app, tap on the main menu in the upper left corner and select Settings from there.

Now tap Export and select the location where your contacts are saved. Next, select Internal Shared Storage on the next screen and then select the contacts you want to export to the VCF file. You will find the VCF file in the documents section of your phone’s file explorer. Just move that file to the other phone using whatever sharing method you prefer. Emailing yourself is usually the easiest. On the other phone, open the VCF file and you will be asked where you want to save these contacts.

Move the SIM card to another Android phone

If your contacts are saved in the SIM card, you can move them to the other Android phone to move the contacts. However, SIM cards have limited contact storage space, so it depends on the SIM card manufacturer and how your phone stores information; it can only store between 200 and 500 contacts. If you have fewer of these contacts, this is a great offline way to move contacts to another Android phone. If your contacts are not saved on the SIM card, you can easily move them using the Import feature of the Contacts app. As above, go to Import option in Contacts app, select the current location where contacts are saved.

On the next screen, select the SIM card where you want to save the contacts and then select the contacts you want to save. After all the contacts are saved, take out the SIM card and insert it into the Android phone you want to move the contacts to. The contacts will show up immediately on the other phone. If you don’t want to keep the SIM card in the other phone, you need to copy the contacts from the SIM card to the internal storage of the other phone. Just go to the Import option in the Contacts app of the other phone and select your SIM card on the first screen and Phone Contact on the next screen. This will copy the contacts to the phone memory and then you can safely remove the SIM card.

Share contacts via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another easier way to share contacts because all Androids have built-in Bluetooth support. First, you need to enable Bluetooth on both devices, which can be easily done from the notification menu accessed by swiping down on the phone. Now open the Contacts app and tap on the contact until it is selected. You can then touch each contact to select it or touch the SELECTED button at the top and then touch Select all to select all contacts. Once you have selected the required contacts, tap on the three vertical dots menu in the top right corner and select Share from there. Now select Bluetooth from the sharing options and then select the name of the other device to connect and share the contacts via Bluetooth. You will need to accept the file transfer request on the other phone.

Use nearby sharing to move contacts

A few months ago, Google introduced the Near Share feature which allows Android users to share data with other nearby Android phones. It offers fast transfer speed using the most optimal sharing method among multiple options and also allows data sharing with multiple nearby phones. However, this feature is only limited to Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher. If both phones support this feature, it is a much faster and more convenient way to transfer contacts compared to Bluetooth. Here’s how to use it. First, you need to enable Nearby Sharing on the device you want to transfer the contacts to. Go to Settings and tap on Google. Here, go to Device Connections > Nearby Sharing, then toggle the button at the top to Nearby Sharing On.

Now on the other phone, touch and hold a contact to select it, then select all the contacts you want to transfer. Then tap the menu in the upper right corner and select Share from it. Here, select Nearby Share and your phone will search for nearby devices. Just select the other Android phone from the list and the sharing request will be sent. Near Share will automatically determine the most optimal way to share data. Be careful though as it might also share contacts over data network if enabled from settings.

Final Words: How to Move Contacts from One Android Phone to Another

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