Android 13 launch details
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One more month is in the books, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity for another arrangement of “Google Play System” refreshes. While the current month’s Android security announcement is yet to go live, Google previously revealed new highlights and upgrades coming in the June 2022 Play framework update. include everything from Google Play Services, Play Store, and other Google-related parts of the Android framework.

According to the updated help page, the Google Play framework update for June 2022 brings basic bug fixes on behalf of admins and admins related to diagnostics. After receiving the new update, you should be able to find a small group of new highlights in the Play Pass and Play Points programs. The delivery also streamlines Play Store download times.

Here is the complete changelog of the Google Play framework update for June 2022:

Basic Fixes – [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, and Wear OS] Bug fixes for the account of the board of directors and the cadre of the administrations related to the cadres and diagnostics.

Google Play Store

Improvements to the Play-as-you-download component allow gamers to start playing handheld games while the app download continues to reduce wait times.

New features to help you find the apps and games you love.

Improvements allow for faster and more solid download and set up.

New highlights of the Play Pass and Play Points programs.

Google Play billing improvements.

Continuous improvements in Play Protect to protect your gadget.

Various runtime advancements, bug fixes, and security, reliability, and availability upgrades.

Frame Management – Updates to frame map perks that further develop runtime, security, and gadget runtime.

Design Services – New designer highlights for Google and external app engineers to help ads, and engineers highlight related engineering services in their apps.

To get the previously mentioned highlights, upgrades, and bugs on your own Android device, you need to be on Google Play Services render 22.18 (or 22.21) and Play Store form 30.3, both of which should have started operate as of June 1st.

How to find a lost Android phone:

Assuming you lose an Android phone or tablet, or wear an OS watch, you can find, lock, or delete it. If you have added a Google account to your gadget, Find My Device is enabled. Find out how to make sure your gadget can be found if it’s lost.

To find, lock or delete an Android phone, this phone must:

  • be lit
  • Get approved in a Google Account
  • Be associated with general-purpose information or Wi-Fi
  • Be visible on Google Play
  • Enable location
  • Have Find My Device enabled
  • In case you involved your lost phone for 2-venture confirmation, you should have backup phone or backup code.