Like a text message on Android and send reactions to messages!

Sometimes the best response to a message you receive is a simple like. Many of our favorite smartphones let you like a text message on Android using the default messaging app, thanks to the adoption of the RCS messaging standard. If your phone does not support RCS messaging, set Google Messages as the default messaging app and see if you can enable RCS in app settings and set it as the default messaging app to use this feature. This guide shows you how you can love text messages on Android.


How to Like a Text Message on Android

Before you can like a text message on Android, your phone and carrier must support the new RCS messaging standard. Most modern Android phones come with RCS messaging out of the box. However, depending on the OEM of your smartphone, the feature may not work immediately. Generally, any Android smartphone that uses Google Messages as its default messaging app will support RCS messaging.

Make sure RCS is enabled on your phone

Although the switch from SMS messaging to the RCS messaging standard on Android phones was a little bumpy, there’s no doubt that the new Rich Chat Service (RCS) is better for users in every way. It brings features like read receipts, typing indicators, and message reactions. So, if you haven’t enabled this feature on your phone, we recommend that you do so now.

Below we show how you can enable RCS messaging on a Google Pixel and Samsung smartphone. However, the steps are essentially the same for any Android device that supports RCS messaging.

  1. Open the posts app on your Pixel phone, then tap your Profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap to open Messages settings.
  3. Open Chat Features and enable the toggle next to Enable chat features.
  4. If you are using a Samsung device, launch the default Samsung Messages app, tap the three-dot menu and open Settings.
  5. Picking out Chat Settings and enable the toggle next to Chat Features.

How to like a post

Now that you have RCS messaging enabled on your Android smartphone, you can like a text message or send reactions to messages.

  1. Open a message conversation thread in your Messages app.
  2. To like a message, long press on a message.
  3. You will see a pop-up window showing several reactions to messages.
  4. Select the thumbs up reaction to like the post.

Send reactions and likes by SMS on Android

The new RCS messaging standard has brought the default text messaging experience closer to iMessage and third-party apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. You can use RCS messaging to like text messages and also send photos and videos, get read receipts, etc. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on how to make a video call on Android, so you’re not limited to texting only when connecting with loved ones.