Did you know your phone can stay unlocked automatically at home? Or that you can activate the unlock code when certain Bluetooth devices are connected? The feature I want to tell you about in this quick article is called “Smart Lock” and it’s more convenient than it might seem at first glance. Let’s go!


  • Google Smart Lock provides you with many convenient unlocking features for your smartphone.
  • Examples: Keeping your phone unlocked at home or not showing an unlock code with your favorite Bluetooth headphones.
  • Although it is not a new feature, it is far too unknown.

Do you unlock your smartphone with a classic unlock code, a pattern or immediately via a fingerprint sensor? On the road with friends or in public, locked smartphones provide more security and even if stolen, it is difficult to steal your data as well. However, all of these things are less relevant when you’re lying on the couch at home.

At home, it can be a pain to unlock your phone. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor on the side or back, for example, you’ll still need to hold it in your hand to unlock it. Whatever the scenario, Google offers a useful feature called “Smart Lock” that does exactly what the name suggests: intelligently unlocks your phone.

How to use Google’s Smart Lock

Smart Lock can be found in various Android overlays in different places. However, you should find the feature under the term smart lock in Android security settings. Otherwise, use the search in your phone settings, if there is one! Once there, you need to enter your password or unlock pattern for security reasons. You now have three options:

  1. Detection on the body: Uses various sensors on your phone to detect when you carry the phone in your pocket after unlocking it. If you then place it on a table, for example, it relocks automatically.
  2. Places of trust: Here your phone stays unlocked based on your location. In addition to your home address, you can also specify other locations – such as your office – via GPS.
  3. Trusted devices: Particularly practical in connection with headphones, connected watches or your home stereo system. As soon as a trusted device is connected via Bluetooth, your phone remains unlocked. Perhaps also practical for motorists who use the telephone as a navigation device!

Smart-Lock is a really handy tool for the comfort of your mobile phone / © NextPit

The settings for these three options should be self-explanatory, so I won’t detail them further. Before you ask your opinion in the comments, an additional security note:

Even though “Smart Lock” is quite handy, all three features decrease the security of your phone. Although it’s unlikely that a thief will walk past your house after stealing your phone and unlocking it, they still unlock options that work without your intervention.

But now: Did you already know Smart Lock and use the function? Let me know in the comments!