(Pocket-lint) – Epic Games is in a battle with Apple and Google over App Store fees, and as a result it’s been nearly impossible to play Fornite on your mobile device. Now, Epic Games has partnered with Microsoft to make Fornite available on almost all screens, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Formerly known as Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. Offering over 100 games to stream over an internet connection, this is a feature at no additional cost for those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It lets you play a wide range of titles offered by Xbox Game Pass on the go with your smartphone, tablet, PC, or even Xbox console. Fortnite is the first free title to join Xbox Cloud Gaming.

How to play Fortnite on iOS and Android


You will need a Microsoft account and internet access for your iOS, iPadOS, Android or even Windows device.

No installation

No installation is required. Just go to Xbox.com/play on your web browser and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Where is Fortnite available for iPhone and Android?

Microsoft said Fortnite is available through Xbox Cloud Gaming in 26 countries.

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Written by Maggie Tillman.