Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer a universal cloud clipboard through which you can copy and store text from one PC and paste it on another PC. But the clipboard also works with an Android device. With Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, you can copy an item on your Windows PC and then paste it on your Android device, or vice versa.

You will need a Microsoft account to use and sync the clipboard across different computers and devices. Be sure to sign in to each PC and device with the same account. Your Android device will only be able to paste the last item you copied and store it for just one hour.

In terms of privacy, your clipboard data is encrypted and is not tied to your Microsoft account or permanently stored by Microsoft. However, you should always refrain from using cloud clipboard synchronization for sensitive information, such as passwords or financial details.

Configure Universal Cloud Clipboard

First, you’ll want to set up Universal Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10 or 11 if you haven’t already. It works the same in both versions of Windows. Go to Settings > System > Clipboard. Turn on the switches to Clipboard history and Sync across all devices (Sync across all your devices under Windows 11). Then select the option to Automatically sync the text I copy.

If you haven’t tried Universal Clipboard in Windows yet, open a document, file, or message. Copy and paste a few different instances of text. Hold down the Windows key and press V. You will now see a history of all the items you have copied. To paste a specific item, simply click on it in the clipboard history.

Copy and Paste Text in Windows

Install Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Now switch to your Android device. Open the Google Play store and search for the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard, or launch a browser and open the Google Play store link for the keyboard. Install it and open the SwiftKey keyboard app. On the home screen, tap Activate SwiftKey.

The next screen displays the keyboards available on your device. Enable the switch for Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. A notice appears warning you that this input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers. Press OK.

Install Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Tap the top left arrow to return to the SwiftKey home screen. Press the button to select SwiftKey. The next screen asks you to choose an input method. Check the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard option. Back on the home screen, press the Finish button.

Choose input method

On the next screen, confirm the account to use the SwiftKey keyboard. Make sure this is the same account you use to log into your Windows PC. If not, tap the Other Accounts button and sign in with the correct account. The next screen asks if you want to share data with Microsoft about how you type. This level of sharing is not necessary to sync your clipboard, so feel free to answer No here. You will receive a message telling you that the installation was successful.

Complete the installation

You are then placed on the SwiftKey keyboard settings screen. Tap the setting for Rich input, then select Clipboard. Enable the switch to sync clipboard history. Make sure the switches are also on for Remember copied items and Show last copied item as quick paste option on prediction bar. With this last option, only the last copied item appears on the SwiftKey keyboard prediction bar.

Configure the keyboard

Try it

Now is the time to try out the feature. Select and copy text in an application on your Windows computer. On your Android device, open an app where you can enter text, such as Mail or Messages. Touch any area where you can enter text to display the keyboard. Tap the clipboard icon in the toolbar above the keyboard and you should see the text you copied from Windows. Tap the text to insert it into the current area.

Copy and Paste from Windows to Android

You can also copy from Android to Windows. Select and copy text from an app on your Android device. In Windows, open an application where you can enter text. Press the Windows key and the V key to display the cloud clipboard. You should see the text you copied from Android. Click on the text to insert it.

Copy and paste from Android to Windows

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