Before buying a phone, there’s a good chance some of you have done your research on the handset and maybe even read some reviews on the phone. You may have been researching things like the camera, screen, and of course its choice of processor and speed compared to the competition.

If you haven’t checked or forgot what kind of hardware your phone has, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to figure out what type of processor your phone is using and its speed.

Check your phone’s processor type and speed

  1. Download the DevCheck app and install it on your phone
  2. Launch the application
  3. Press the “Hardware” section
  4. Under Processor, you should now see the brand, model number and number of cores it has
  5. Tap Dashboard and under “CPU Status” you will see how fast the processors are currently pointing.

Keep in mind that the processor speeds shown here are real-time, which means they correspond to what is currently being used and how fast it is clocked. It should be roughly similar to what the manufacturer has advertised.

Besides showing you your phone’s processor speeds, DevCheck can also be used to display other types of information, such as the type and model of your GPU that came with your phone, display information such as resolution and Pixels density, amount of RAM in your phone, storage, battery life and temperature, etc.