Are you having battery issues on your smartphone or do you feel like the device battery isn’t working like it used to? Well, you don’t have to worry; there are ways to check the health or battery status of the phone. We’ve mentioned ways to improve your phone’s battery life and track changes in battery health over time.

How to check the battery status of your Android phone

Not all smartphones have the ability to check the battery status or its temperature. Thus, users will have to rely on a third-party service. Brands like Samsung provide an option to get details about your phone’s battery health. But I would recommend people to download the AccuBattery app through Play Store. I have been using this app for a long time now and it really helps in offering a lot of information.

Download the AccuBattery app

The service advises users to charge their phone up to 80% only if they don’t want their phone’s battery to be damaged. You should never fully charge your phone as this is not good for battery longevity. The app has a notification system that allows anyone to trigger an alarm when the charge level reaches 80%, after which the charger can be unplugged.

The app even displays the temperature of your smartphone. So when you are playing, keeping the device charging or doing anything else, the app will tell you the temperature. While you don’t need to check this daily, make sure your phone’s temperature stays below 50 degrees Celsius.

You even get details of how long your charger took to charge the phone when the screen was on or off. There are also details of charging speed, estimated charging time, charging status, charging current, etc. Battery usage statistics are also displayed in the “Discharging” section. There is data on the average battery usage when the screen was on or off, and many other details. All of this will help you learn more about the health and status of your phone’s battery, which will help you improve your battery life in the long run.

There is also a deep sleep function. The app says your phone enters deep sleep when you don’t use it for a while and if the percentage is higher, it means you’re saving power. The app shows you how much damage each charging session does to your phone’s battery. It recommends the user to keep the charge level below 80% as it indicates that a higher charge percentage increases the likelihood of the phone battery being damaged.

Apple itself says, “Your iPhone might get slightly warmer while charging. To extend the life of your battery, if the battery gets too hot, the software may limit the charge above 80%. Similarly, Samsung also claims to “limit the maximum charge to 85% to protect your phone’s battery life.”

Samsung phone

Go to Settings > Battery and device care > Diagnostics. You can now tap on the battery status to check its health status. There are also other features (camera, speaker, etc.) of the phone that you can test to see if they are working properly or if you need to fix them.

You can also tap the Optimize button under the Device care section and if there is a high battery usage issue, you will know about it. The good thing is that the service notifies you even if your phone has rogue apps or encounters app crashing issues.

One Plus Phone

There is no built-in functionality on the OnePlus phone and it will require installing the OnePlus Care app. Once you’ve downloaded it, tap Diagnose this device and select Custom diagnostics > Battery > Tap Start. You will then get details about your phone’s battery health and status. Users can also choose to diagnose other features (like fingerprint, front camera, etc.) of their phone if they are having issues.


Other phones like Xiaomi and Realme don’t offer a way to diagnose battery health like Samsung. Xiaomi phones only show temperature in the Settings > Battery > Battery section. It is not available on Realme. One can simply install the AccuBattery app to get all the details. This third-party app has been downloaded more than 10 million times through Play Store and also received good reviews. We haven’t seen a single advertisement on this app, which is just awesome.

How to check which apps are draining your phone’s battery?

Just go to your phone’s settings section and then battery. Here you will find battery usage stats that let you know what all apps are consuming and how much data and battery. This way, you can either force stop this app to prevent it from performing any function, or just uninstall it. To force stop, just long press the app, tap App info, then tap Force stop again.

How to improve the battery life of an Android phone?

Every Android smartphone has a “Battery” section in the Settings app, where you’ll find recommendations on how you can fix the battery usage issue or save more power. Just click on it and check the relevant options according to their needs. Your smartphone basically knows which apps or features are draining a lot of battery, so you can turn them off.

The feature shows apps that are draining your battery, so you can close them immediately. The good thing is that you immediately get the options to disable those apps or features and you don’t have to do it separately for each of them.

People can disable GPS; keep auto-brightness on, set screen refresh rate to 60Hz, and change screen auto-off time to 30 seconds to save battery. Users can also disable some unnecessary apps that run in the background.

It’s always best to lock the device after 15 seconds of inactivity, and you can also disable location services. It is better to use dark mode because then your phone consumes less power. Try to keep Always on Display disabled. If you don’t need to use the portable hotspot feature, remember to turn it off. A change in battery life will be noticed after some time. Features like Edge Lighting also drain the battery, so you might want to consider turning it off. You can always disable the battery saver option, which is available on all Android phones. It will also help save battery power in emergency situations.

What should you do if your phone’s battery is faulty or damaged?

The best solution to this is to replace the battery. Xiaomi recently announced a battery replacement program, allowing customers to pay only Rs 499. Remember that the offer is applicable on both Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones, but the price may vary depending on the device. The price of other smartphones is unknown, so it will be necessary to go and check the service center of a particular brand.

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