As an ever-evolving technology, smartphones generally don’t hold their value very well after a few years of use. While this is generally true for all phones, even the best Android phones are known to lose more of their resale value than iPhones. Then there are a few brands that are particularly known to dive in a few months. If you’re about to sell your current phone, or planning to get the most out of your next purchase, it’s always good to know exactly which brands and phones will be hard to sell.

This is a non-exhaustive list of Android phones and brands that are likely to give you the worst resale value at the time of writing. Approximate figures included are based on price history and information available from various public outlets, such as Swappa and BankMyCell, and are indicative only. The exact price of your particular device can vary depending on a multitude of factors and may not even come close to those estimates if you came across this story weeks after it was published. As always, your mileage may vary.


Pixel 6 phones are the talk of the town right now, and it’s natural to give in to the temptation to buy one – they’re so good. But if you’re coming from an older Pixel, you’d be in luck if you could even get a third of what you originally paid for. This is especially true of the Pixel flagships of 2019 and before that they lost a lot of their value – even their trade-in estimates on Google’s own online store aren’t any better.


However, this does not apply if you currently own a cheap Pixel 4a and 5 series phone from last year. Although they are over a year into their lifecycle, they have held their resale value surprisingly well.

Here are our estimates for various used Pixel phones up for grabs at this point.

  • Pixel 5: $ 375-500

  • Pixel 4a 5G: $ 275 – $ 330

  • Pixel 4a: $ 240-270

  • Pixel 4 XL: $ 170-240

  • Pixel 4: $ 170-220

  • Pixel 3a XL: $ 100-150

  • Pixel 3a: $ 90-140

  • Pixel 3 XL: $ 80-140

  • Pixel 3: $ 70-90

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Motorola is once again trying to break into the high-end segment, but its real flair still lies in the budget and mid-range levels, where it delivers good stuff. Traditionally, Motorola’s cheap phones have held their value better than their flagship siblings, but that has been on the decline lately. Several recent Moto G series phones lose up to 40% of their value in their first few months, and that’s worse for year-round budget phones.

The inflated MSRPs of Motorola’s flagship and premium devices severely affect their resale value across the board. Instead of fixing things, the company has also applied the same formula to its budget phones, bringing the same effect to its most popular phones. Our price estimates for some recent Motorola phones should give you an idea:

  • Moto Z4: approx. $ 200

  • Moto Edge 2020: approx. $ 300

  • Moto G 2020 Stylus: $ 90-140

  • Moto G Play 2021: $ 100-130

  • A 5G ace: $ 170-220

  • Moto G 2021 stylus: $ 180-200

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Nokia’s revival did not go the way people (or HMD) expected. The company hasn’t managed to sell a lot of phones over the past couple of years, and it shows in the used market as well. If you are selling your Nokia, chances are there aren’t many interested buyers, and that usually means you won’t get a good price for your phone. It’s common for used Nokia phones to easily go down to half of their introductory price (or even less), as shown in the list below:

  • Nokia 2.4: $ 75-90

  • Nokia 5.3: $ 65-95

  • Nokia 8.3: approx. $ 250

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For a long time, OnePlus has been the clear leader in the mid-range category, with its super-limited but sought-after device line-up that has translated into good resale value. But that was until a few years ago, and a lot has changed with OnePlus in recent years. You can now find OnePlus phones at different price points, but the company has lost its charm due to a series of controversial decisions it has made over the past two years. The following numbers are what you can expect if you plan to sell your OnePlus phone:

  • OnePlus 7T: $ 170-230

  • OnePlus 8: $ 270-310

  • OnePlus 8 Pro: $ 430 to $ 480

  • OnePlus 8T: $ 360-420

  • OnePlus N10 5G: $ 160-180

  • OnePlus N200: $ 140 to $ 170

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You kind of expect Samsung to be among the worst performers when it comes to getting the most out of your old phone. While that’s unfortunately still true for your Galaxy phone, things aren’t as bad this time around, at least for a few models. The Galaxy S20 FE is still going strong though Samsung should be launching its tracking anytime now. You can also get a good price for the Galaxy S21, although that can’t be said for any other Samsung device, whether it’s a mid-range or an older flagship. See for yourself :

  • Galaxy S21: $ 400 to $ 600

  • Galaxy S21 +: $ 500-670

  • Galaxy S20 FE: $ 300-410

  • Galaxy S20: $ 330-400

  • Galaxy S20 +: $ 350-550

  • Galaxy Z Flip: $ 350-440

  • Galaxy A52: $ 280-390

  • Galaxy A42 5G: $ 230-280

  • Galaxy A51: $ 180-210

  • Galaxy A71: $ 170-250

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The squad of the dead

If not for its particularly expensive phones, Sony is pretty much a dead brand in the smartphone space, forming a trio with LG and HTC. There is still a market for LG phones, albeit a small one, and the prices you get there probably won’t meet your expectations, but that’s what you get for a fading brand. Things look slightly better for recent Sony phones (although not having high hopes), but good luck getting anything out of your beaten HTC phone.

  • LG Velvet: $ 150-190

  • LG G8 ThinQ: $ 120-140

  • LG V60: $ 250-290

  • LG wing: approx. $ 350

  • Sony Xperia 1 II: $ 480-550

  • Sony Xperia 5 II: $ 550-620

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Xperia PRO-IXperia 5 IIThese low resale prices may be good news for buyers, but they will hurt the most people who bought their phones at full MSRP. Some brands are known to offer big discounts in the weeks after launch, which kills the resale value of the product. If you are buying a new phone from one of these brands, it is best to look for discounts to minimize your losses when you decide to sell it. But if you are trying to get rid of it, you can try exchanges, especially when companies are very generous with their offers to choose one of their premium phones.

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