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Buy a new phone can be pricey, with some of the best options typically costing close to $1,000 or more. That’s why the Pixel 6A stands out so much.

Why it’s a great gift: Phones that cost less than $500 usually compromise in some areas, especially the camera. Take the $429 iPhoneSE, for example, which has only one rear camera and a small 4.7-inch screen. But the Pixel 6A punches above its weight when it comes to camera quality, design, and screen size. For $449 (), you get a phone that runs on the same processor as the $600 Pixel 6. It also has a spacious 6.1-inch display and a dual-lens camera with wide and ultra-wide lenses. The camera quality impressed me the most when I reviewed the Pixel 6A in July. It takes crisp, bright and colorful photos in a variety of circumstances, even in the dark. Additionally, the Pixel 6A will be among the first to receive new Android updates since it is a Pixel phone, which means this device gets new features before those from Samsung, Motorola and others. android phones.

What you will pay: The Pixel 6A comes in Charcoal, Chalk, or Sage color options and typically costs $449, but is currently offered for as low as $299.

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