The Google Wallet app is starting to roll out to Android smartphones to completely ditch the old Google Pay app.

But to avoid confusion, the new Google Wallet app replaces the old Google Pay app, which sports a “G” and “Pay” icon in multiple colors, according to a report by 9to5 Google.

It’s worth noting that some locations are also getting a new G Pay app, as well as the new Google Wallet.

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The Google Wallet app is starting to roll out

The online outlet points out that the famous tech giant first showcased the new Google Wallet app last May at its packed I/O 2022 event.

But this time, the Google Wallet app started appearing for Android mobile phone users as an update of the old Google Pay app.

It is rolling out to the official app market on Android devices, the Play Store, as version 2.150.460235810.

However, 9to5 Google notes in the same report that this update has yet to be widely rolled out to the Android app market.

According to a recent report by The Verge, the new Google Wallet app has started reaching Android users’ phones in various locations.

Google spokesperson Chaiti Sen said the famous tech giant has already “started rolling out the Wallet to Android users in 39 countries.”

And as such, the Google Pay replacement is coming “to all users over the next few days,” the Google spokesperson told The Verge.

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Google Wallet: What’s new?

The aptly named new Wallet app seeks to replace our everyday physical wallet, which reliably carries our money, debit cards and credit cards.

Google Wallet is starting to roll out to Android phone users!  Here's what's new
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But, of course, people also store other things beyond our finances in their actual wallets, such as our IDs and other cards.

Thus, the Wallet application wants to go beyond storing money or integrating debit and credit cards on its users’ smartphones. It also offers users to include their vaccination records, gift cards, and boarding passes, to name a few.

The Verge says in the same story that the new Wallet app completely replaces the Google Pay app in most places. This means that users would no longer see another app with the same name.

However, Android phone owners in the US and Singapore would still see another Google Pay app. Essentially, people in those territories are getting the new Wallet and Pay app.

The new Pay app in the United States and “The Garden City” remains, but it can only allow its users to send money to friends and family members.

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