Do you use Google, do you have an Android phone or a Gmail account? You can now hide your personal data Source: Hebi B

On the heels of Google’s announcement earlier this week of introducing a dismiss all button, the company has now said that you can access all of your personal data whether you use Google, have an Android phone or a Gmail account.

It will also now be easier to remove personal information from Google’s search results, with users now able to ask the US tech giant to hide phone numbers and home addresses.

If you have a Gmail account, you can also request that the account name be erased from view, making it much harder for strangers to find it. Although this is not strictly new, with users having long been able to have details such as bank accounts and credit cards removed for some time, the ability to have other details will be a boon for those who are plagued by spam.

A Google blog post said: “As part of this new policy extension, users can now request the removal of additional types of information when they find it in search results, including contact information. personal information such as a telephone number, an e-mail address or a physical address.

“The policy also allows additional information that may pose a risk of impersonation, such as confidential login credentials, to be removed when it appears in search results.”

Deletion of your contact details

Although Google says it is making the changes after user feedback, it is known to have come under pressure from privacy groups and governments to do more to protect the greater audience.

To have your details deleted, you must go to the dedicated Google web page and complete the “request deletion” form.

Google reminded users that: “It’s important to remember that removing content from Google Search will not remove it from the internet, so you can contact the hosting site directly, if you feel comfortable doing it.”

Google could have certainly made this process easier, but something is better than nothing now that you can hide your personal information whether you use Google, have an Android phone, or have a Gmail account.

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