New Delhi: It looks like Google has started to take Android tablets seriously, as the tech giant is bringing functionality to Android tablets that was already available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Now, Android users will be able to use copy-paste and copy a URL or an image from the smartphone to their Android tablet. The feature will roll out with Android 13 later this year, where users will be able to copy and paste across all of their connected devices.

During the Google I/O 2022 event, Liza Ma, Group Product Manager, Multi-Device Experiences at Google mentioned Android-specific features that aim to make life easier for users and one of them was a new tool that will allow Android users to seamlessly copy something on one device and paste it on another without the need for messaging or email.

“And, we’re making it easy to help you do things on the device that’s best for you. Soon you’ll be able to copy and paste a URL or photo from your Android phone to your tablet and vice versa. These features will be rolling out to Android phones and tablets with Android 13 this fall,” Ma said in a statement at Google I/O.

“Chances are that you will continue to add more connected devices to your home, as will your family and friends. Whether these devices are for entertainment or productivity, we are committed to working with our partners to provide you with cross-device experiences that will make your life easier,” added Ma.

Google, in Android 13, will probably treat the new copy as a screenshot where it will minimize the media in the corner and display and on the side of the window will be a small “Nearby Sharing” icon and a pencil. ‘editing.