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Copper thefts leave Mulga resident without phone services for over a month

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – It’s been six weeks since some people in Mulga were able to receive a call on their home phones.

Some AT&T customers tell WBRC they haven’t had a working phone line since Dec. 19 and are still being billed.

“I called every day last week,” Bennie McMillian said.

She harasses AT&T customer service after learning that her 89-year-old mother’s home phone hasn’t worked since mid-December.

“My mom is elderly, so using the cell phone is a bit difficult for her,” McMillian said. “Having a landline is very important to her.”

She said they had called customer service dozens of times and couldn’t get a clear answer.

“They said it was a major breakdown and they were trying to fix it, but then they called another day and said it was done right,” McMillian said. “So they were going to send a tech to look at his phone, but the tech never came.”

It’s not just her mother’s phone. McMillian said other residents in the area also don’t have working landlines. She said her mother even continued to pay the phone bill, even without services.

“Usually when we call, outages are resolved quickly,” McMillian said. “The fact that this one has been going on since December 19 is just about us.”

McMillian said she just wanted a schedule for the repair.

“We’re just trying to find out if anyone can give us any information on what’s going on and when it can be fixed,” she said.

In a statement to WBRC, an AT&T spokesperson said:

“We are working to restore wireline service to the Mulga area after repeated copper thefts impacted our network. Some customers may continue to receive intermittent phone and Internet service until all repairs are complete. We are working with local law enforcement, who are investigating to find those responsible. For assistance with billing, customers can contact us at 800-288-2020. Tipsters can remain anonymous, so we encourage anyone with information to call local law enforcement or AT&T Asset Protection at 1-888-871-2622.


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