I am a huge, huge fan of Peak Design products. I use and abuse a Everyday backpack, Sling, and Travel tripod, and I couldn’t imagine covering our site’s events without them – at least, back in the days when we had tech events. As a borderline fanboy, I was pretty excited to test out the company’s next suite of magnetically mounted mobile accessories. It’s a promising system, but some of the pre-production material we were able to verify might require a bit more work.

Once again, I would like to reiterate: all of the props that Peak Design sent us were pre-production models, many of which will change before release. We’re withholding the final judgment to see how some of these changes make a difference.

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Peak Design’s new “Mobile” accessories (yes, that’s the name of the series) will include cases designed for the iPhone 11, 12 and Galaxy S20 series of phones. While the case that was sent to us to test the various mount accessories was for an iPhone 11 (which I don’t have), there is also an adhesive-backed “universal adapter” that you can apply to any. what box.

On that note, you have to be a little careful when choosing a case to launch this universal adapter. Unless it is a hard or “hybrid” case, any bending in the case itself could cause the adapter to jump. Using it on a very flexible case like the Pela Pixel 4a 5g case, it comes off quite easily when flexed, which can happen just by removing these types of cases from your phone without being very careful. The final version of the actual cases will also include a revamped magnet setup to support Apple’s MagSafe on supported devices.

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The holder for Peak Design’s various accessories is magnetic, highlighted by a square insert for alignment, although some accessories do not actually use it. There was a bit more play in the mechanism of some accessories than I would have liked (an issue Peak Design is aware of), and the strength of the magnet varies. To complement this, some mounts like the Bike Mount Pro have a spring mechanism that attaches more securely. These beefier mounts are much stronger, giving me confidence that your phone won’t pop out of this socket on the road.

The feet have rubber tips for better grip on more types of surfaces.

Given Peak Design’s usual photography-focused audience, one of the most popular accessories for this system is bound to be the mobile tripod, and I’m not sure it delivers the experience I expect from the brand. . I have two major complaints: the magnetic mount for the pre-production model has too much play and fits a bit too loosely, and in practice the tripod is not as adjustable as I had hoped or planned.

This first issue is something the company is aware of, and the final model won’t even use the square insert that this version uses – looks to me like that might make the problem worse, as it won’t have the insert. to keep it in place, but the company claims it will be a better solution.

My second problem probably cannot be solved without a more substantial overhaul. Mechanically, the mobile tripod is just a set of three legs that swivel from a plate into position under the phone, secured by a small ball joint. All of the parts have almost perfectly tuned resistance, but it’s a simple design that offers limited positions and doesn’t have a wide enough stance to compensate for the weight of larger phones at the limits of those positions. I think I would prefer the legs to be a bit longer for a lower center of gravity and paired with a bit more height the tripod could be used in a wider variety of positions.

In my opinion, the mobile tripod is easily the flagship accessory of the new line, but the design takes a bit more work before it’s ready. While there are some nice touches, like the built-in magnetic hex wrench for tightening the legs, it’s not otherwise up to legitimately flawless standards that I expect from Peak Design, and I hope the final version will be up to date. height.

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Other mounts like the car and bike mounts work great, however, with no corner box issues that I can see. The car mount isn’t spring loaded like the bike mount, but it’s so strong that I can’t imagine a phone would fly except in a major accident – at that point you probably have to biggest concerns. The same goes for the wall mount, which is more than strong enough to hold a phone vertically (or even upside down), although it may be a bit thinner for a more flush feel.

Other accessories are also planned, although we were unable to get our hands on any of the items in the extended range.

Product MSRP (USD) Presale discount (Kickstarter)
Everyday case $ 39.95 $ 32
Front bike rack $ 59.95 $ 50
Universal bike rack $ 49.95 40 $
Mobile tripod $ 54.95 $ 45
Car holder $ 39.95 $ 32
Crutch wallet $ 49.95 40 $
Mobile creation kit $ 39.95 $ 32
Wall bracket (pack of 2) $ 29.95 16 $
Charging car holder $ 69.95 $ 58
Motorcycle bar holder $ 69.95 $ 58
Motorcycle Stem Bracket $ 69.95 $ 58
Wireless charging stand $ 89.95 $ 72

Price details – with and without the crowdfunding discount.

Customers who are heavily invested in the Peak Design ecosystem might be interested in giving this new set of phone accessories a chance regardless of our initial feelings, as the company is sure to offer more integrations to the product. over time with the rest of its product line. But don’t forget that Peak Design products are expensive, and that’s the case here too. As usual for the company, Peak Design starts sales with a slight discount via Kickstarter. The full line of accessories costs $ 332, and that’s with crowdfunding savings. However, the company has managed to raise $ 1.75 million out of tens of thousands of individual pledges, so people are clearly interested. But there is one final caveat to consider.

As we have already mentioned, Peak Design only promises to make cases for the iPhone 11, 12 and Galaxy S20 series. Again, you can use the universal adapter on any phone, but the actual cases are sure to provide a better and slimmer experience. We are told that Peak Design has no plans to support any other devices until its Kickstarter release. However, the company will reassess support for other Android devices once its accessories ecosystem is up and running.

While I love the products from Peak Design, this could be a case where I would encourage people to wait for the products to materialize first.

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