The latest update to Google’s Arts & Culture app puts pets in the spotlight and in famous works of art. Here’s how to find the perfect artistic counterpart for your pet.

from google The new Arts & Culture app update allows Android users to match photos of their pets with world famous artwork. Finding a pet’s art doppelganger is a fairly straightforward process, but the possibilities are seemingly endless. Google is no stranger to adding useful new features to its popular apps, and its arts and culture are no different.

The Google Arts & Culture app started out as an online database that debuted 10 years ago, aggregating high-resolution media of famous works of art from various art galleries and museums. However, in recent years it has gained even more traction when the tech giant added a new feature to its app, which allows users to match their selfies with the app’s eclectic art collection, their essentially allowing to find the artistic version of themselves. Now Google continues to update the app with new features that could make it go viral again, giving users more reasons to stay in its established app ecosystem.


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In its blog post, Google announced the arrival of the new Pet Portraits feature of its Arts & Culture app, which will be instantly available when the app is updated to its latest version. Using machine learning and its “trained computer vision algorithm“, the feature will be able to match a pet’s selfie with the most suitable work of art among thousands of renowned works of art. Users will not only be able to see their pets through lenses. of artistic vision, but they will also be able to deepen the history of the work to know more about the cultural counterparts of their pets.

How to find your pet’s art form using the Google app

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To get started, Android users should search for “Google Arts & Culture” on the Play Store and tap Install. Those who already have it just need to hit “Update”. Most of the functionality is similar to TikTok’s shape-shifting trend, albeit a more streamlined version, using traditional and historical portraits instead of pop culture icons. After opening the app, users need to click on the photo icon in the middle first. This will take them to a menu where Pet Portrait will likely be the first option they see. All users need to do here is select “to take a picture“position their pets’ faces to fit the center box, press the center button, then let the app work its magic.

Then the app will display the artwork that matches users’ pets, from most accurate to least. To view the history of the artwork, users need to tap on it, select “view artwork”, scroll down, and then tap on the “Details” tab. Here they will find information and external links regarding the chosen piece. Users can basically use images of their pets and find various eerily similar scenarios and stimulating artistic equivalents. Currently the app only works with dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, horses and rabbits. IOS users shouldn’t have to worry about missing this feature, even with Google and Apple’s persistent app history. The Arts & Culture update is also available through the App Store.

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