GOOGLE is drastically changing the way it handles app permissions on Android this week.

The tech giant is updating the rules app makers must follow starting July 20, so be on the lookout.


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A new Data Security section will now appear under apps you download from the Google Play Store.

Here developers will have to indicate what they do and what they don’t use.

But this has a price.

The existing app permissions tab will disappear.

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As one expert points out, this is both good and bad.

The bright side is that the new data security information is much simpler.

However, the concern is that the developers can choose what they want to say there.

“The downside is that the information in the Data Security section is provided by the developer, so what is displayed there is up to them,” expert Mishaal Rahman Explain.

Google has set a deadline of July 20 to make the changes.

The company said it would seek to circumvent the truth, although it admits it “cannot make decisions on behalf of developers about how they handle user data.”

According to the official rules, developers are “responsible for making complete and accurate statements in your app’s Play Store listing on Google Play.”

“Google Play reviews apps against all policy requirements; however, we cannot determine on behalf of the developers how they handle user data.

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“Only you have all the information necessary to complete the data security form.

“When Google becomes aware of a discrepancy between your app’s behavior and your statement, we may take appropriate action, including enforcement action.”

Google owns and operates Android


Google owns and operates AndroidCredit: AFP

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