The Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 are off to a galaxy far, far away

The official and unofficial Star Wars holiday, May 4, is less than two weeks away, and we can already sense a disturbance in the Force. The events of the day itself are firming up, and hints of new wares are being blown out of Imperial (corporate) strongholds and shared within the Rebel Alliance. To that end, Casetify is kicking off May 4 a little early by unveiling its Casetify x Star Wars collection.

This collection, centered on the original trilogy, will go live on May 4, but knowing the fervor of Star Wars fans, Casetify is using a waiting list. This is both to avoid website failures during the holiday itself and to give people a place in line to get one of a thousand limited edition aluminum Millennium Falcon cases – which is not available only for iPhone 12 and 13 series.


The regular edition Millennium Falcon case will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, and four cases based on original trilogy posters and the iconic Binary Sunset over Tattoine will be available for the following phones:

  • Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Perhaps the coolest part of these cases is that instead of being limited to basic black, almost all of the cases come in two styles for each phone. For Pixels, you can get the poster cases in either matte black or transparent, which makes for some really cool combos with the Pixel 6 colorways. Similarly, the sunset binary design has options for either transparent black or pink for Samsung phones – plus a Phantom Purple exclusive to the S21 range that blends in beautifully with the design.

Case prices for the open edition cases range from $40 to $65 depending on your model, while the limited edition iPhone case sits at $149 at the Sith level.

It’s rare and wonderful to see Pixels included in series like these, but Casetify told Android Police that it is actively working to include more Android phones in its collaborations due to customer feedback and requests over the from last year. You see, my fellow case nerds? Companies can listen when enough Android users ask for suitable cases for their phones.

Join the waiting list at Casetify


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