A burglar who attempted to rob a downtown Carlisle phone shop where he and an accomplice smashed a window has been found after cutting himself and leaving blood at the crime scene.

Mark Young, 24, admitted the crime as well as a shoplifting offense in which he stole sunglasses from Boots.

Prosecutor Pam Ward told Rickergate Magistrates’ City Court that the offense came to light at 1.15am on Saturday June 4, when an alarm sounded when a side window of the EE phone shop in Scotch Street , Carlisle, was broken.

Two men were seen outside the store and after one of them smashed the window, the accused tried to get inside and attempted – but was unsuccessful – to remove the screen phones .

“This man cut himself leaving a trail of blood at the scene,” Ms Ward said. A DNA profile was obtained from that blood and it led to the arrest of the accused, the prosecutor said.

Ms Ward added: ‘No items were stolen.

Young stole the sunglasses when he and an accomplice went to the Boots store in downtown Carlisle on the afternoon of June 29. At 3 p.m., the prosecutor said, security personnel saw Young in the store.

A review of CCTV footage of Boots later confirmed that while in the store, Young had put several pairs of sunglasses in his pocket and left the store without attempting to pay.

The court heard that the defendant had a lengthy criminal record for dishonesty offences. He had also previously violated court orders.

Anthony Wilson, defending, said the defendant, of Peel Street, Carlisle, suffered from anxiety and depression.

Commenting on the burglary, the lawyer said: ‘Nothing was actually taken; and it was a side window of the premises, not one of the large bay windows, so it’s not a huge loss for a company the size of EE to replace it.

Boots’ theft had been an “impulsive” offence, Mr Wilson said. It was a sunny day, and sunglasses were the kind of easy-to-sell item to pay for drugs.

“He struggled with drug addiction for some time,” Wilson continued. The lawyer explained how the defendant and his partner had tragically lost their 11-month-old child.

Because of this, his mental health suffered. “He was suffering badly with his mental health due to depression and PTSD,” Mr Wilson explained. “As a result, he started mingling with the wrong crowd and started using drugs again.

“And, of course, he started committing crimes to feed his addiction to drugs. But he wants to be drug-free and will be referred to his GP. Last week he started engaging with Unity again.

“And he started working with the crisis team on coping mechanisms.”

The magistrates imposed a prison sentence of 34 weeks, suspended for one year. As part of his sentence, Young must complete 25 days of rehabilitation activities with the probation service and pay compensation.

He must pay £350 to Boots and £100 to EE.

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