The popular Ethereum-powered non-fungible token (NFT)-based monster battle game Axie Infinity took the world by storm late last year by allowing players to earn tokens for playing. Since it has official mobile apps, many wonder what the minimum phone requirements are to play.

Sky Mavis, the Vietnamese game studio behind the Axie Infinity phenomenon, has never released a list of official phone requirements to play the game, and as such users are bound to rely on reviews. from the community on how to get a smooth gaming experience on their devices.

Most Axie Infinity players enjoy the game partly because of the token rewards attribute for winning matches in its competitive player versus player mode. Each time players win a PvP match, they receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens, with the number of tokens based on their ranking.

To play the game, users need at least three digital pets called Axies which are available in the market. With these three Axies, they can pay for a set number of matches that earn them SLP per day, so most players find the mobile version of the game useful.

That being said, it’s important to know whether or not your phone can support Axie Infinity before you hit the market and pick up some Axies to start playing.

Minimum Axie Infinity Android System Requirements

As mentioned above, Sky Mavis has not published any official list of minimum requirements for its users’ Android-based mobile devices, and as such the information contained herein is based on community feedback and is based on user experience with different devices.

On the Axie Infinity subreddit, several users shared their experiences, excluding Android devices with 1GB of RAM or weaker processors. Although the game works on these devices, its performance is poor and many matches can become stressful.

Based on the game’s community, here are some recommended minimum requirements to play Axie Infinity on Android devices:

  • CPU: A Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 or similar with four 2.3 GHz cores
  • GPUs: Adreno 330 or higher
  • RAM: 3GB for best experience, some report 2GB works well
  • Internal memory: At least 250 MB of free space is required
  • Android version: 6 or more

Using an Android phone that meets these minimum system requirements, you should be able to play Axie Infinity without experiencing any kind of performance degradation. Keep in mind that there are no official tips from Sky Mavis, which means it’s best to always bet on a device that goes beyond that.

It should be noted that the Play-to-Earn game does not have significant requirements, which means that even older Android models should be able to run the game smoothly.

How to Play Axie Infinity on Android or iOS Devices

Axie Infinity’s Classic version is currently available for Android and iOS phones, while its new Origin mode has yet to be released for mobile devices. Both Origin and Classic are available on desktop devices.

There is, however, no Axie Infinity app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Instead, users need to download the game from the official Sky Mavis onboarding portal. The onboarding portal helps users create a wallet compatible with the Ronin sidechain used by Axie, purchase Axies, and download the game.

On the company’s official onboarding portal, users need to follow the steps described: first, it is important to download a browser extension for the Ronin wallet or download the mobile application of the wallet.

Source: Sky Mavis

Then, users can link this wallet to the Axie Infinity market to purchase their first Axies. Alternatively, they are invited to apply for a so-called scholarship, where other users can lend them Axies for a share of their earnings.

Source: Sky Mavis

The onboarding portal then recommends users to create an account with an email and password, before downloading the game’s Mavis Hub for desktop devices, or its mobile apps for Android or iOS, the latter being available in TestFlight.

Source: Sky Mavis

It should be noted that on Android devices, users will need to allow their browser to install apps from unknown sources. By default, Android phones have the option disabled to protect users.

Is it safe to download Axie Infinity for Android?

As Axie Infinity is not available on the official Google Play store of Android, it may be dangerous to download the game from third-party platforms. Using the official Sky Mavis onboarding portal, the game is safe to download, although elsewhere users may end up downloading malware unknowingly.

It is essential to perform your own due diligence before downloading Axie Infinity for mobile devices. Even if you think you are using the official Sky Mavis website, always check that you have not clicked on a phishing platform.

After downloading the game once, it should be noted that it will keep an updated version of it on your device. Downloading from the game’s official website also ensures that users can count on Sky Mavis support in case of any issues.

That being said, Axie’s roadmap includes launching the game on Google Play and Apple’s App Store in the future, as well as introducing in-app purchases and other improvements.

What can players do on the Android version of Axie Infinity?

The Android version of Axie Infinity is not a scaled down version of the main game. Instead, players can do whatever they can on desktop devices on the go through the game’s mobile app.

This means players can jump into Axie’s Adventure Mode to play against the environment and watch their Axies level up over time as they face increasing challenges, or enter the “Arena” to play against other players in battles for SLP rewards.

Other game features are also present on Android devices. If players want to take care of their Axies on the go and manage their market listings, they can do so with the official Ronin Wallet or with the crypto-friendly Opera browser, which recently added support for Ronin side chain.

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