ARM’s chip design is increasingly seen as one of the causes of the overheating issue in Android smartphones.

ARM’s chip design is causing performance and heating issues in a slew of Android smartphones, including those from Samsung Electronics, Xiaomi and Motorola using Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm’s app processors, analysts said. sector.

“Currently, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Samsung Electronics’ Exynos application processors are used in most flagship Android phones, and these phones have problems with heating, performance and power consumption,” said an industry source, adding, “The application processors were designed by ARM, the same issues have been confirmed in both products manufactured by Samsung Electronics and TSMC, so it can be said that the cause is not is not the manufacturers but the designer.

Meanwhile, some experts point out that the issues are the result of various combined factors such as manufacturing processes, application processor design, peripheral components, and the performance of the smartphone itself. “The iPhone app processors are also designed by ARM but the phone has never had issues with heating and performance,” one said.

“iPhones are also based on ARM’s chip design, but Apple and ARM tune the processors for use in iOS,” he explained, adding, “On the other hand, Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm are developing application processors to be used in the different models of several manufacturers, and it seems that these processors using the design without any changes are causing problems.