Android is the most popular operating system in the world, which means it’s an easy target for malicious attacks. But do the antivirus apps on your Android phone work to protect you from attacks?

Antivirus software has been recommended for Windows users for years. Since then, Microsoft has created better tools to fight malware, like the built-in antivirus on Windows 8. But what about Android phones?

Get Google Play Protect

According to Tom’s Guide, the biggest built-in malware defense for Android phones is Google Play Protect.

There are several different components for Play Protect, including Find My Device tools. However, the selling point is malware scanning.

Every Android device with Google Play Store is equipped with Play Protect. You may have noticed the “No harmful apps found” message at the top of the apps and games management section in the Play Store.

Play Protect also makes sure apps you’ve downloaded from the Play Store are safe.

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Play Protect does not work in the Play Store. It also monitors everything outside the store. Even apps that have been downloaded from outside the Play Store are scanned by the tool.

Sideloading is always riskier, but you’ll feel safer knowing Play Protect is watching.

In addition to scanning apps, Play Protect can protect you when viewing Google Chrome. Just like on Google Chrome desktop, if you access the site with malicious code, you’ll see a warning and you’ll be taken to a safe place.

Monthly security updates to your Android phone

Another benefit of antivirus on your Android phone is monthly security updates. These are updates that do not have new features but update existing ones.

New vulnerabilities and exploits appear all the time. If your Android phone is only updated once a year, these things will accumulate and be very dangerous.

It is important to remove these items as they appear. This is why monthly security updates are necessary.
However, not all Android phones received these updates in a timely manner or at all, according to TechAdvisor.

Google releases security updates monthly, and it’s up to its partners to approve patches, add their own, and release them to devices, according to How to Geek.

If you want the most secure Android phone, the best way to go is to get a Google Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy. Google and Samsung are the most reliable when it comes to keeping devices up to date with the latest updates.

Is antivirus necessary?

These are the tools Android uses to protect your phone, but are they enough? They are sufficient for most people, and there is no longer any reason for them to download an antivirus application.

The same rules for using any device safely apply to Android phones. Just get your apps from the official source like Google Play Store. Remember not to download from shady websites and those with suspicious links.

Also, you should download an antivirus app if you are using an Android phone without the Play Store, loading APK files from untrusted sources, or having an outdated version of Android.

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