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In 2019, Microsoft created a system for managing Android notifications from Windows.

Now, the tech company lets users see notifications from your Android phone on your Windows 10 or 11 computer when they arrive to view your entire SMSM history and any pending notifications on demand.

You can also reply to messages and compose new text from your PC. Previously called “Your Phone”, the Windows application has been renamed “Phone Link”.

How to see notifications from your Android phone on your PC

Remember that you are going back and forth between your computer and your Android phone. First, make sure you have the latest version of your “Your Phone” app on your computer.

First, open the Microsoft Store and search for Phone Link. If the app is still not installed, you need to install it. Once installed, open the app and you should see the “Your Phone” app on the screen, according to The Verge.

Click “Get Started” and you will be reminded which Microsoft account you are signed in to unless you want to change accounts, then click “Continue”.

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Then go to your phone and you will receive instructions on where to go on your Android phone to install the Link to Windows app.

For most Android phones, you’ll type in the given web link or you can search for it yourself in the Play Store and install it, according to HowtoGeek.

If you have a Surface Duo or a Samsung phone, the “Link to Windows” option will be installed there. Open the app and an option that says “Link your phone” should appear on your PC.

Go back to your computer and you should see the checkbox with a note, “I have the Link to Windows application ready.” Check it and tap “Pair with QR code”.

You will get a popup window with a QR code ready.

Look at your phone

On your Android phone, you should see a box asking if the QR code on your computer is ready. Since the QR code is ready, tap “Continue” on your phone.

Allow Link to Windows to take photos and record videos. Scan the QR code on the computer with your Android phone, and it will be connected.

Give the app the different permissions it asks for. You will see a warning about how connecting to the computer will affect your phone’s battery life. Tap “Continue”, then you can allow or deny permission to run in the background.

Your Android phone will ask you to check your computer to see if the process is complete, and your computer will let you know if you’re ready and synced.

Check your computer

There will be a welcome message and you will be prompted to pin it to your Windows 11 taskbar. You will find out everything you can do like see notifications, send text messages, view pictures or even make a call.

Simply click on “See my notifications” to allow the notifications to go through. Just click on “See my notifications”. You will be asked for permission to sync notifications.

Just open your phone’s settings and you should see “Device and app notification”. Find the Windows app link in the list and enable the toggle. Tap “Allow” in the confirmation window that appears to complete the process.

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