Android is currently the most popular operating system in the world and for good reason. This operating system comes with multiple features and functions that you cannot find in other operating systems. In fact, there are probably many functions that your Android phone can perform that you don’t know about. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 5 functions that you might never have thought your Android phone could do.

1. Split screen for multitasking

Starting with apps and multitasking, did you know that your Android device can work in split-screen mode? Split screen mode is really important and useful for many people. For example, in this mode, you can simultaneously open and view a live sports scores app; the famous Mr Green Android app is one of the most popular betting apps.

To enable this Android feature, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Open the first app you want to engage with in split screen. Open the Recent Apps section, then long-press the app field. You will then see some settings appear. One of these settings is an icon that displays the split screen. Click on this icon and you will now be in split screen mode.

2. Smart lock

Smart Lock is another futuristic feature that your Android device can use. With this feature, you can lock your phone through three different options. The first is called on-body sensing. With this feature, your phone can be unlocked when in motion and it will be locked when you put it down.

The second option is trusted locations. With this feature, the phone can only be unlocked in certain locations, such as your home. Finally, we have Trusted Devices, where your device remains unlocked when paired with certain devices, such as your TV or Bluetooth soundbar.

3. Recover lost notifications

How many times have you accidentally cleared notifications? We assume this has happened to you several times. But did you know that you can recover lost notifications and deleted messages? The Android operating system has the ability to recover lost notifications, and we’ll walk you through how to do it.

First, you need to open the Widgets section and drag the Settings shortcut to an empty spot on your home screen. After that, a pop-up list will appear and you have to select the notification log. Then open the widget and you will see the notification history.

4. Lock specific apps

There are times when a friend or loved one needs your phone for something and you don’t want that person to open certain apps. For this problem, you can set up a privacy system with the app pinning feature or some app lockers.

You can enable the app pinning feature in just a few steps. First, go to Settings and open the Security menu. Now select advanced settings and tap Pin app. After enabling the feature, open the app you want to pin. Open the preview and click on the circular icon. Finally, tap the Pin button in the menu that appears.

5. Activate one-handed mode

Mobile phones these days have become very bulky and this can cause some people to have difficulty operating them with one hand. For this reason, Google Keyboard offers a solution to this problem. Let’s find out how you can enable one-handed mode on your Android device.

First, open the keyboard as usual. Now you need to press and hold the comma key. When you hold down the comma key, a small menu opens and you need to click on the icon that shows a hand with a phone. That’s it. You are now in one-handed mode.