Panels offers you a customizable multitasking sidebar on the edge of the screen. You can customize it to add your favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, and widgets. There’s even an option to search through all of your apps, without ever having to open your app drawer. You can easily install custom icon packs, change the number of rows and columns, among other things.


Gesture allows you to create and assign different gestures on your Android device. Once the app is downloaded, you need to provide general permissions to activate the app’s features. Once done, you can draw the gestures and easily configure them as you wish. You can open different apps, websites, and change your phone settings using custom gestures.

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If you’re worried about keeping your image quality intact, say no more. Upscaler does exactly that. Although in its early access phase, Upscaler doubles the width and height of an image the user selects. It uses software to fill in the missing pixels. It’s still a niche app, but if you need to scale some of your images, then Upscaler is the way to go.

Touch protector

Touch Protector, as the name suggests, protects the touchscreen while playing music or videos. It is a fairly simple application to use. It keeps the physical buttons operational while the screen remains locked. There are many options available in the app, such as shake to lock or unlock the screen, hold the phone upside down, or swipe down from the status bar. The volume button can also be customized according to your needs.


Sgallery allows you to keep your private images and videos hidden from view of all. What it does is that it allows the user to encrypt the files and hide the app icon of the device, so that it is more difficult for someone to access the file in case of device violation. Alternatively, the app can also be hidden by disguising the icon as a different app, like a calculator app.