Since the introduction of iOS 16, millions of smartphone users have been influenced by its new lock screen feature. With this new update, iOS users can finally personalize their boring lock screen with new widgets, filters, font types, custom colors, and more. But what if we tell you that you can also experience the same on your Android phone? Here’s how to get the iOS 16 style lock screen on any Android phone.

Get iOS 16 Style Lock Screen on Android

Android has always been the first preference of people who like to customize their smartphones. If you are tired of your regular Android lock screen, you can try the new iOS 16 lock screen on your phone using various third-party apps. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


To enjoy the richness of the iOS 16 lock screen on your Android device, you must first disable native system lock screen to avoid having double login screens when you unlock your phone. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and press Security.

2. Then press Screen lock and enter your device unlock password/pattern/code.

3. Finally, set the screen lock method to None to disable the native screen lock mechanism.

Now that you have successfully disabled the default lock screen, let’s take a look at the apps that provide iOS 16 lock screen functionality on your Android device.

iOS 16 App Lock Screen (by ProLock)

As the name suggests, Prolock’s Lockscreen iOS 16 app offers a custom iPhone lock screen for your Android phone with various customization options like fonts, colors, and widgets. Here’s how to use it on your device:

1. Install the LockScreen iOS 16 app and provide the necessary screen overlay permissions to run it.

2. Next, browse through the different lock screen presets available at the top of the home page and tap on the desired lock screen to change it.

3. Now go to Widgets section to add multiple widgets like the original iOS 16 lock screen.

4. Then press the Time text to customize it with different fonts and colors.

5. Additionally, you can press the calendar text to choose and display the calendar date on the lock screen.

6. Once you have finished editing, press the Do button in the upper right corner to save changes.

seven. You can also change your custom lock screen wallpaper by browsing the Wallpaper store.

8. Finally, lock your phone using the side power button and press it again to see your new iOS 16 style lock screen in action.

9. Similar to the original iOS 16 lock screen feature, you can long press the current lock screen to customize it directly without unlocking your phone.

iOS 16 Lock Screen (by Apps Genz)

Another popular app that brings the iOS 16 lock screen experience to Android, offers to showcase your photos, font styles, and widgets right from the comfort of your unlock screen. Follow these simple steps to enjoy it on your phone:

1. Install iOS 16 Lock Screen app by Apps Genz and give it the necessary permissions.

2. Then press the Lock screen iOS option at the top of your home page to customize iOS 16 lock screen.

3. Long press on the lock screen and tap the + button to modify it.

4. On the next page, choose the desired wallpaper and press the widget section to add a new widget.

5. You can choose from a variety of available widgets and pick the one you want font style and colors to customize your lock screen.

6. Finally, press the OK button at the bottom to save changes and apply the lock screen by tapping the Set as default lock screen button.

That’s it! Now check your phone’s lock screen to see the iOS 16 lock screen in all its glory.

iOS 16 lock screen on Android

Use iOS 16 Lock Screen (by developer Sout)

Similar to the above two apps, the iOS 16 Lock Screen app from developer Sout claims to offer a personalized iOS 16 lock screen which is as good as the stock iPhone lock screen. Here’s how you can use it:

1. Install the Lock Screen IOS 16 app and provide various overlay permissions required to experience it.

2. Then press the Lock Screen Customize option to start changing your iOS 16 style lock screen.

3. Tap the Widgets section to add your favorite widgets from various available presets and choose your desired font style and color.

4. Then press the Wallpaper Button on the home screen to choose your favorite wallpaper that goes well with your lock screen.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled an iOS 16 style lock screen on your Android phone. You can check out the lock screen to see it in action.

Get iOS widgets on your Android phone

Widgets provide a quick way to access the functionality you want without having to scroll through the entire application. If you like the clean and minimalist widgets of the iOS platform, you can try them on your Android device to customize the device to your liking. Here’s how you can achieve the same result:

1. Install the iOS Widgets app.

2. Then go to the home screen of your device and long press to add new widgets.

3. Develop iOS-widget from the list of installed ones and browse through them to choose your favorite widget.

4. Drag your selected widget to the home screen and tap the Allow button to add it.

That’s it. You have successfully added iOS style widgets to your Android phone.

Bonus: Get Android12 lock screen clock on your phone

Besides iOS 16, Android 12 Material You The lock screen theme has also caught a lot of attention for its cool look. If you liked it too, you can head to our guide to install Android 12 Style Lock Screen Clock on your phone to experience the latest Android clock on your device.

Final Words: Spice Up Your Old Lock Screen

We hope you have revamped the look of your phone with iOS 16 style lock screen using the methods mentioned above. If you enjoyed trying out these new apps, hit the like button and share. Check out more related tips below and stay tuned for more awesome Android guides.

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