There’s no denying that your Android phone and tablet can do a lot to keep you productive and organized. Whether you need a virtual assistant to remind you of a task or apps that help you track your daily work, your Android smartphone and tablet have almost everything you need. But do you know that you can also create location-based reminders there?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can create location-based reminders through Google Assistant, the Google app, and Google Keep and how those reminders work.

How do location-based reminders work?

When you set a location-based reminder, you will be reminded of a particular task when you reach or leave a specific area. Instead of using time as the trigger for a reminder, it uses your Android phone’s GPS to determine where you are currently and matches it to the area you set in one of your reminders.

When two locations match, the app sends you a notification of a specific task you need to complete.

This means you need to keep your location services turned on at all times for these reminders to work. Unfortunately, it consumes more battery than your time reminders. So if you are running out of battery and still have many tasks to complete, it is best to switch to time reminders until you fully charge your phone.


How to set up location-based reminders via Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, you can create location-based reminders for yourself, a member of your Google family group, or anyone connected to the same Google Assistant device as you.

Important reminder: Make sure you have allowed Google Assistant to use location from your Android phone or tablet. If you assign location reminder to someone in your family group or connected devices on the same Google Assistant-enabled device, that person must also allow them to use location services on their tablet or phone .

Create location-based reminders using Google Assistant

  1. Ask Google to set a reminder for you by saying “Hey Google, set a reminder”. If your Hey Google option is not enabled, you can press and hold the key House until the wizard appears so you can set a reminder.
  2. Google will ask you what the recall is about. Tell Google the subject of the reminder and where you want to receive the reminder. When finished, press to safeguardand you are ready.

If you use a voice command to set a reminder, Google sometimes treats it as a time-based reminder and walks you through setting it up using the time and date. If this happens, just manually click on the Location option found at the top and enter the location.

If you can’t speak, you can also set a reminder manually. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Assistant app on your phone and tap the To explore icon found in the lower corner. Then press the More icon in the lower right corner and choose reminder.
  2. Name the reminder and press the Add a place button. Here, your home and work addresses are already provided. If you are not using any of these options, press Select location instead of choosing a place on Google Maps.
  3. Then enter the address in the search bar and select the location from the results. Finally, click on to safeguard to create the reminder.

Assign location-based reminders to someone in your family group

Important reminder: This feature is only available in multiple languages. At the same time, it won’t work if you or someone you’re going to assign a reminder to is using a Google Account through work or school.

  1. Before assigning a location-based reminder, make sure the person is in your Google family group. If it’s another device, make sure it’s connected to the same Google Assistant-enabled device as you. However, if they do not fall into these two user types, you cannot assign reminders to them.
  2. Then say your command to your Google Assistant. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, remind Josh to get some milk when he’s grocery shopping.”
  3. Once you’ve assigned a reminder to someone, they’ll receive notifications on their device if they’re signed in to the Google Assistant app. Both of you can edit or delete this reminder at any time.

How to set up location-based reminders through the Google app

If your Google Assistant isn’t enabled or your phone doesn’t support it, you can use your Google app to create location-based reminders. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Google app on your phone or tablet.
  2. On the app, tap your profile picture which is located at the top right of your screen. Then select Reminders from the menu.
  3. Then press the To create button at the bottom right of the screen. Give your reminder a title and select Location.
  4. Finally, choose a location from the drop-down menu and press to safeguard.

The Google app only lets you create a location-based reminder for your home and work addresses. Unfortunately, this does not give you the option to choose a location on Google Maps. If you want to use a different location, use Google Keep or Google Assistant instead.

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How to Set Location-Based Reminders in Google Keep

Google Keep is a great note-taking app for Android. But this app also lets you create location-based reminders, making it a great productivity tool. Follow the steps below to set up location-triggered reminders on Google Keep:

  1. Open the Google Keep app and create a new note by tapping the More button at the bottom right of the screen. You can also open an existing one if you want to use that note instead. If you are creating a new note, provide a title and description. Then press the Bell icon in the upper right corner.
  2. In the context menu, you have different options to receive a reminder. If you’ve set up your home and work addresses and want to be notified when you’re in those areas, tap House Where To work. Otherwise, press Choose a place. In the next pop-up window, select Change location.
  3. Then type the address in the search bar and select the location from the search results. Then press to safeguard. After saving, you should see the location name and a pin icon at the bottom of the note. That means location-based callback has been set and you’re good to go.

Make sure Google Keep has access to your location in the background so it can send reminders. If it can’t access your location in the background, you won’t be notified.

Don’t forget important tasks

With your busy schedule, it’s natural to forget about certain tasks that you need to complete, especially if you don’t need them at a specific time. Luckily, you can easily set location-based reminders on your Android phone and tablet to remind you of tasks you need to complete in a particular place.

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