The smartphone skirmish between iPhone and Android is starting to get tired. Honestly, let Apple users have their pedestal, it’s not worth it. If you own an Android phone, be it a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Edge or Oppo Find, you know how valuable it is, you have to trust your gut. The iPhone, with its lineup of iOS, Retina display, square or rounded edges, and cost, isn’t the sun we all revolve around.

But Android phones and iPhones share something in common: They aren’t complete until they’re surrounded by accessories. Apple is launching new accessories for apparently all versions of iOS devices. But for Android, phones or tablets, different brands make different accessories for different models, so it is difficult to choose one that can encompass everything. And some second-rate third-party accessories are just, ew.

Let us be your guide. We’ve found the best accessories for your Android smartphone, and many of them are compatible with Android tablets. Gadgets for music, photography, charging and everything in between, plus details like watches and gaming tech await your nod. Some electronic accessories will perform differently depending on the Android device, but for the most part, they will harmonize with all Android phones and tablets on the market for a smart experience that might put Apple to shame.

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Best wireless charger for Android

BoostCharge 15W wireless charger

The good thing about owning an Android is that unlike Apple, which limits the wireless charging speed on all third-party chargers to just 7.5 watts, you’ll get fast charging for your Galaxy, Pixel, or LG Velvet. And the Belkin BoostCharger goes up to 15 watts. There is also a support version.

Best portable charger for Android

PowerCore III Wireless Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must have for smartphone users. A portable charger that provides wireless charging, however, is quite ahead of its time. But it is seriously worth considering. Anker’s PowerCore III, for example. Charge on the go while using your phone in your hand, no messy cables, no drama.

Best phone charger for Android

25W USB-C fast charger

What is a smartphone experience if not the connection between your phone and your charger? And it charges very quickly, at 25 watts. Set it up, plug it in and zoom in, your Android is fully invigorated in just an hour.

Better support for Android

Adjustable stand for tablets and phones

This sturdy, angle-adjustable stand for your Android phones and tablets is stylish enough to be part of your desktop decor. If it’s not ergonomic, it won’t do.

Best stylus for Android

Universal stylus for touchscreen

A real nightmare for mankind will occur when handwriting becomes obsolete, earning it Darwin’s treatment of natural selection. So stop clicking and start taking notes on your phones or tablets with precision. Also start drawing and playing mobile games with this stylus.

Best Unexpected Android Accessory

Portable UV light sterilizer

A cool upgrade and gift for any Android phone that will also make every germaphobe’s heart vibrate. Powered by your phone itself, this UV light dongle will zap and sterilize anywhere the light shines.

CleanTray To-Go UV Sterilization Case

Now, instead of sterilizing with your phone, give the device itself a 30 second daily cleaning. This case is portable and rechargeable for your office at the car at home, for anyone who considers constant disinfection to be the most debonair personality trait to have these days.

Bluetooth Tracker Pro

It’s Android’s answer to Apple’s AirTag: a Bluetooth flagship to help you find lost items. Attach it to your personal belongings, like your wallet or keys, and prompt it to play a sound from the Tile app so you can locate whatever you’ve lost instead of delaying 10 minutes to panic beforehand. to leave your home.

Best keyboard for Android

K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Do you have muscular fingers? Awkward letters on your screen make you want to get super high? Then get yourself a keyboard, not just any keyboard, but a multi-device wireless keyboard for your Android phone and tablet that also supports them at ideal viewing angles. You can easily switch between devices and type it smoothly.

Best headphones for Android

Galaxy buds

Whether it’s the space-looking Galaxy Buds Pro, the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live, or the lighter Galaxy Buds2, Samsung’s line of headphones will choke Android phone users with quality music. studio, podcasts or video streaming.

Best headphones for Android

QuietComfort 45 wireless noise canceling headphones

Your Android device might be cheaper than its iOS counterpart, but it still deserves the best noise-canceling headphones money can buy. And Bose showcased both comfort, style and ease of use. That translates to 24 hours of battery life, quiet and conscious modes, balanced sound, and a reasonable price tag.

Best Android accessory for games

Kishi mobile game controller

Touchscreen games just aren’t that, boss. The best portable gameplay is always led by controllers. That’s why every Android gamer should attach Razer’s handy Kishi controller to their smartphone for a handheld game console transformation.

Best Android accessory for photography

Professional lens kit

Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus 9, and Google Pixel 6 are no joke when it comes to resolution and performance in dark places. But for professional smartphone photographers, there’s always room for growth, and this lens kit offers 45% more image capture, enlarged close-ups, and LED fill light.

Best smartwatch for Android

Galaxy Watch 4 (46 mm, silver)

A premium smartwatch that actually looks like a premium watch. Sorry Apple Watch, but you’re clumsy. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will be your next training companion, with precise monitoring of almost every beat, breath, and flow. And you can put compatible phone features like calls, texts, notifications, and music on your wrist, and operate them with, well, a tap. Also check out the cheaper and smaller version.

Best Android Car Accessory

Auto Sense Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Sudden braking while driving will thwart your smooth ride and shake your phone, which you charge or use to navigate, in the backseat. Hence, a car phone holder that provides Qi charging while firmly gripping your phone.

LED light ring for selfie

If you are an Android smartphone owner and are fed up with condescending and unfounded views of how well your phone snapshot selfie, prove those punks wrong with this clip ring light.

Best Handy Android Accessory

PopGrip with interchangeable top

Do we even need to explain why you need a PopGrip? You just need a PopGrip. How else can you comfortably one-handed texting, prevent your phone from falling, and watch videos on a convenient stand while showing off your style?

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